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Privacy Policy

The privacy of your company and personal information are very important to you and equally as important to us.

We work very hard to build trust with our clients and keeping a very tight thumb on your contact information is of our utmost importance.

Over the years we have built many long term relationships with our clients and knock on wood, never have had one incident of a miss use of personal or company information.

Information such as your company addresses, employee info, phones, fax, e-mails are never sold, rented or shared with anyone not directly associated with the processing of your orders.

Cheap Promos 4 U, Inc. does have a monthly newsletter that is e-emailed out to keep our Members informed of any changes to the program or website. Our newsletter also informs our members of any significant Promotional Products news, keeps our members in the loop on the newest promotional products, provides specials and factory closeouts.

Cheap Promos 4 U, Inc. is committed to building and maintaining long term relationships and will continue to make every effort to keep our Promotional Products Membership Club #1, provide the lowest pricing in the industry, and maintain a high level of security.

If you feel we have not met your expectations or if you have any questions concerning privacy or security issues, Please contact the President of Cheap Promos 4 U, Inc. Rick Sheldon directly.