Can Coolers

Promotional Can Coolers

A promotional can cooler trade show handout or corporate picnic gift are perfect situations for a gift of customized individual promotional can coolers. Constructed in several rugged materials of PVC foam, polyurethane and neoprene (wet-suit fabric) with premium insulation featuring collapsible and folding styles and designs for longer necked bottles with side zippers all available in an assortment of colors including camo. Our selection includes many varieties of popular Deluxe Koozies with a tough, heavy-duty exterior. Promotional Can Coolers are a Trade Show winner.  Recipients will enjoy a cool refreshing drink while perusing the lengthy trade show floor or any big event.  These can coolers are just as well known for keeping a warm drink warm longer. Think of these collapsible promotional coolers priced to meets the masses in a “mail promotion” from Save On Promotional Products that is sure to reward you with a substantial and surprising ROI.

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