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Promotional Candy and Food

Save On Promotional Products offers high quality promotional candy and food, snack treats and waters to refresh or answer a sweet tooth craving for convention or trade show attendees.    Our individually wrapped selections hit the spot for a quick snack or a little hydration during a training or company meeting break. Everyone loves to pick up a little treat at the restaurant checkout station, hotels and motels add a touch of class with a very welcome treat left on the pillows.  Think of leaving a dish in your reception area to welcome guest to your location.  Our promotional candy and food choices are many and vary from hard candies, melt in your mouth chocolates, pretzels, nuts, mints, to name just a few and they’re packaged or individually wrapped with your logo or brand very apparent on each. Going the extra mile with promotional candy and food has proven a positive ROI promotional product investment.

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Promotional Candy and Food, Eat Your Way To The Top

Just about everyone loves candy. There is something about a little bit of sugar that helps brighten your day and pushes you to power through until the day’s end. Promotional Candy and Food brings a smile to your face and a little extra pep in your step.

Because so many great qualities are associated with sweets, it naturally makes sense to include goodies as promotional products. We offer a nice selection of promotional candy and food to sweeten any dull work day. Mints are a favorite in the professional world because you always want to maintain fresh breath and a professional atmosphere at all times, and especially when you are meeting with clients. We have a broad range of mints in various containers available with open imprinting areas for your logo or company name. These containers come in fun shapes like hearts and houses, to name a few.

Promotional Candy And Food A Trade Show And Any All Day Event Winner


Promotional candy and food that are the most successful reach a broad range of individuals. They do not focus on a specific gender, age, or ethnicity, and they aren’t industry specific. With promotional candy and food you never have to worry if it will be a great promotional approach because you can be certain that custom candy will always be well received.

Imprinted candy is great for trade show giveaways, conventions, and corporate gifts. Because they are so inexpensive, they make a wonderful addition to a larger giveaway. Many of our clients love ordering personalized tote bags and filling them with other promotional products. You should take the same approach for your next convention gift and hand out screen printed tote bags filled with personalized promotional candy and food, promotional t-shirts and imprinted travel mugs. Also throw in brochures and other paperwork that discuss your company vision. Sweets make every experience better and that’s why they work so well as promotional products.

Promotional Candy and Food A Cheap Way To Grab Attention

For your next big meeting, set up the conference room and lay out water bottles and promotional candy and food at every spot in the table. This will not only make your clients smile, but those little techniques and gestures go a very long way at sealing the deal.  Remember, it doesn’t have to cost a lot to be effective. Personalized candy is one of the most inexpensive promotional products available. They are a no frill approach that is a fantastic way to put the finishing touch on a gift or presentation.

Lastly, just about every business has a treat bowl in the receptionist area or waiting room. The sweets are an offering that bring everyone together in a simple way. Take the opportunity to fill your treat bowl with promotional candy and food. Many times clients will take a sweet but eat it later. This is also a really great way to stay on the minds of your clients long after they have left your office.

Simple approaches like these really do generate results that cannot be beaten. Think outside the box and browse our incredible selection of promotional candy and food plus a selection of items that are sure to excite your recipients and  benefit your business as well.