Promotional Coasters

Gain effective logo exposure with fun and versatile promotional coasters. They more than protect beautiful surfaces when taking full advantage of their advertising possibilities. Our collection of economical, custom imprinted restaurant, bar and lounge coasters in cork, foam or durable pulp board paper are a promotional success. Don’t forget weddings, anniversaries and special events where coasters with imprinted names and dates will be taken home as souvenirs of the special day.  For those memorable occasions  you might step up to our collection of glass, ceramic, recycled leather or bamboo  which also make up a popular gifting set.  Imprinted promotional coasters are right at home in the conference room proudly displaying your brand to all visitors and even a coaster on your desk prevents condensation from leaving a wet spot that could damage important papers.   Save On Promotional Products where Pricing is our highlight and we offer the best.

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Promotional Coasters Are A Perfect Mail Out

There is nothing worse than furnishing your office with stylish furniture and then finding out that water rings have stained the wood of your desk, coffee table or side tables. Water marks are tacky and can make incredible furniture look bad in no time. While your clients are waiting for you in the conference room it is common practice to offer them a beverage. Certainly it’s not feasible to ban drinks all together, so what is the best option in this scenario? Order personalized promotional coasters!

Promotional coasters  are really a unique way to advertise your business. They are great for personal and business use and are great items to give to your clients because they think outside the box and address an issue that nearly everybody suffers from. Since your clients are likely frustrated with the same issues, then show them that you understand their needs and give them personalized coaster sets to tackle the problem head on. Not only will they bring a smile to your clients’ faces, but imprinted coaster sets will also promote your business for you and that is a fantastic thing.

Promotional Coasters Boldly Billboard Your Brand

We have a diverse selection of promotional coasters available. Some of those items include silk screened coasters with a non skid foam rubber base. These are great for preventing accidents from happening. We’ve all be in a situation where a little traction could have helped prevent a big mess. We also offer promotional coasters with a wooden base and a cork top. These are great for absorbing the condensation that builds up on the outside of cold drinks. The cork drinks the condensation right up and keeps your table looking sparkling new.

For sharp and professional looking coaster sets consider the Bic coasters with a rubber base and a fabric top. Your custom logo or design can be printed right on to the fabric surface. And like the other non-skid options, the rubber base keeps your coaster in place which also helps keep your drink right where it should be.

Promotional Coasters Show Your Concern For Details

One of the best things about promotional coaster sets is they are incredibly inexpensive. Seriously, go and see for yourself. The prices are low which means that you can afford other great promotional items. At your next trade show why not give away custom coasters with promotional travel mugs or imprinted water bottles? If you pair your coaster sets with other items then you can put them all together in one of your personalized tote bags.

Sure, promotional coaster sets are a little bit unconventional, but isn’t that a great thing? Show your clients that you think outside the box and that your company is able to anticipate a large range of needs that they may have.  Protect your wood with custom coaster sets and promote your business at the same time. Feeding two birds with one cracker has never been any easier. Check out our selection and order yours today!