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Increase the impact of your promotional duffel bags by featuring a favorite team, or scholastic institution or your logo or graphics in the expansive logo area for a longer range walking advertisement. Duffel bags are used by guys and gals and especially athletes, both amateur, and the pros, and they are a most frequently used for trips to the gym or athletic club.  They are not only for carrying towels and personal items, they are often stuffed with sports gear like tennis or golf balls or equipment, a mitt, appropriate shoes; wherever they go and however they are used the highly visible imprint is billboarding your brand or logo.   Manufactured with a variety of design and style features, specialty pockets some secured closures and room for gym clothes or an over-night stay. These much used promotional duffel bags travel, advertising all the way and its priced to meet even restricted budgets at Save On Promotional Products.

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Promotional Duffel Bags Carry Your Brand

Promotional duffel bags are not only used by professional and amateur athletes, but also many people in everyday life, as a way of carrying their personal belongings and goods around. Most athletic bags are around the same size, somewhere between seventeen and twenty inches long, by ten to twelve inches deep and around eight to eleven inches thick. Many hundreds of styles of athletic bags are available and their history  began with the invention of the duffel bag. The Duffel bag was invented in Europe—Belgium to be precise—and was adopted by the armed forces as a kit bag for carrying their uniforms, civilian clothes and laundry in. The bags were named after the town of Duffel, where the cloth used to make them originated. This thick canvas style bag was sewn with a circular seam at the bottom, a cylindrical shape as the main carrying area and a tie at the top, which was pulled together to close the bag.

Promotional Duffel Bags The Sports World Favorite Gift

In the early days of gymnasiums and boxing clubs, the duffel bag was also a means for carrying sports equipment, as well as being used for general luggage purposes. They were a favorite among many because of the convenience of carrying their clothes or belongings in one bag, which was then slung over the shoulder, leaving the arms free to move.

Duffel bags began to change shape during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when designers took on a different selling strategy. The duffel bag started as a top zipper bag, in a kind of briefcase style, with a top zipper and made in a heavy weight vinyl material. They had a front pocket and adjustable shoulder strap. However, as fashions progressed the sports bag changed many times. Nowadays, many promotional duffel bags still have a top zipper, but they tend to zip around the entire top of the flat top bag in a ‘[‘ shape. They have mesh pockets and mesh compartments, which also zip up. They still have two carrying handles and a shoulder strap that can easily be adjusted to the owners preferences.

Promotional Duffel Bags Billboard Your Brand In Large Imprint Area

Promotional duffel bags are not always used for carrying sports kits and clothes. They can also be designed for carrying equipment, such as tennis racquets, golf clubs, badminton bats, baseball bats and other equipment.

Many companies also use promotional duffel bags as their primary marketing tool, customized with the company logo and colors and given away to their clients as free gifts. It is not uncommon for visitors to trade shows and sports expos to be offered a free bag as part of their promotional process when signing up to a new gym, buying a product from their stand, or just simply visiting. It is a way for the company to print their name onto your consciousness as well as their equipment, so that you are always aware of them every time you use the bag. For the lowest prices on promotional duffel bags, get in touch with us.