First Aid

Promotional First Aid Kits

Consider using a generous and thoughtful Promotional First Aid Kit for your next marketing inventory investment. Your clients, prospects, employees and friends will appreciate the caring you are extending with your identity and healthy conscious message. The kit contents vary but are filled with useful often needed items like band aids, germ fighting creams for cuts abrasions, pain relievers for agonizing headaches, wipes to clean a wound and much more in the larger kits. Face it, emergencies happen. Your gift of a small simple kit, a household emergency kit, or the more deluxe survival or disaster kit put recipients at ease knowing they are prepared. Every home,vehicle, office and job site should be equipped with emergency care and our promotional first aid kits await your branding to be handed out as a thoughtful and caring gift.  We recommend the disaster or survival kits for home and office and even a camping trip.  Accidents are unpredictable and being prepared for whatever confronts you is important and comforting.  Our prices will make it very affordable.

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