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Promotional Ice Scrapers

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, weather that is. Where ice and snow are inevitable promotional ice scrapers are an essential vehicle amenity, however, in our milder areas they get forgotten about. You’ve heard “weather happens”, be prepared with a logo customized tradeshow handout or employee gifted sturdy, dependable promotional ice scraper which may be a savior as a blizzard approaches.  Mot often  the ice scrappers are made of plastic, some are made of metal, however, they have been known to scratch the windshield so although they are a tough sturdy product care must be taken to avoid those nasty scratches. The ice scraper blade is usually firm and flat for easier ice and snow removal.  We have several choices, of shapes, colors and sizes some with an extendable handle, a hand mitten, a cleaning mitt or snow brush and more. Call us for friendly, qualified service and industry best pricing.

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Put Your Logo On Promotional Ice Scrapers

Anyone who owns are car will know how tough it can be to come out on a freezing and frosty morning, o find your windshield caked in a thick layer of ice or snow. First thing we do is reach for the ice scraper and get scraping. Promotional Ice scrapers are neat little tools, made from plastic—and sometimes metal, although this can scratch the windshield. Many will include a foam squeegee wiper on the other side or a brush, for scraping the loose ice and snow from the windshield. Many of the more complex styles might also include an attached glove or mitten, which can be extremely useful if your hands are freezing. The blade of an  promotional ice scraper is generally flat and very firm to make scraping much easier. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors, with a variation of handle styles.

Quality Promotional Ice Scraper Has Longevity

On a freezing morning, when you are in a rush to get to work, they can be the most invaluable tool to have handy. They are also a really nifty marketing tool that can be printed with a logo or slogan of various companies and also colored with the company’s corporate colors. Many auto companies use promotional ice scrapers as the ideal promotional tools to hand out to their customers as a free gift with a purchase. They are also handed out to visitors during trade shows and exhibitions because of their ability to create message and brand retention. They can hang out in our trunks or glove compartment for long periods of time but as soon as it gets cold, out they come and the printed company name or color is the first thing we notice.

Affordable Promotional Ice Scrapers Make Perfect Trade Show Handouts

Promotional Ice scrapers with a squeegee can also be perfect for cleaning our own windshield and scraping off the excess water to get a perfectly clear and shiny result. This makes them useful in all seasons and not just in winter. It also means that the branded ice scraper is never far from people’s minds. Imagine your company, regardless of the nature of your business, giving out promotional ice scrapers to your customers, or potential customers. Picture them thinking about you every time they use their handy little scraping tool. If you attend trade shows regularly you will know that more or less every exhibitor stand will be handing out some sort of freebie, gift, novelty item or other promotional gadget that has their name on it. The reason companies do this is because by giving out something with lasting impact to potential customers, they are sending out a message of longevity and imprinting their name on people’s minds. Every time the customer uses the item they cannot help but see the name, the logo or the slogan and maybe even sing it in their heads if they have a jingle attached to it. It is a clever way to get inside people’s heads and if you are looking for the cheapest and lowest market prices from promotional ice scrapers, contact us first.