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Easily distinguish your house, car or office keys at a glance by their unique promotional key chains, color or base material. We have metal, plastic, acrylic and floatable keychains in many color choices and unique shapes that will relate to your business or next promotional campaign.  We forget how what an important item key chains are in our lives, or how you feel when you can’t find yours.  They keep your life more orderly considering you have vital house, car, office, safety box, mail box keys and the key chains keeps them organized instead of floating around individually in your pocket.Combined with a carabineer, lanyard, flashlight, bottle opener, or USB among many more make a popular trade show, or major event memorable handout with your logo displayed on one or both sides. When time is of the essence, check out our 24-HOUR category to meet a close date. Pricing and service will outshine all others

key chains keep your life more orderly

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Promote With Promotional Key Chains

One of the best customized products are promotional  key chains. Why do we say that with such confidence? Because nearly everyone keeps their keys with them. People go in and out of their cars multiple times a day, as well as in and out of their houses, businesses, safe deposit boxes and more. Keys are a pretty important part of our life even if we don’t think about them too much. Think about the last time you lost your keys and how panicked you got. Remember that? That’s what we’re saying – keys are important and that’s why your next promotional item should be imprinted promotional key chains.

Promotional Key chains are meant to keep your life in order. Promotional products can only work as long as the item is being used or sitting out for the public to see. If they are thrown in the back of a drawer for years and only pulled out to be recycled at a thrift store chances are that your company logo isn’t getting much action. With customized key rings you never have to worry about whether or not your items are being used.

Small Promotional Key Chains Investment With Rewarding ROI


People carry around key chains with pride. They have become a charm bracelet of sorts. I’m sure you’ve all experienced a moment where you are holding your keys while talking to someone and that person makes a comment about a cute or funny key chain you are using. Make sure that that quirky promotional key chain is yours imprinted with your company logo! We have so many designs to choose from – key chains shaped like keys, palm trees, cars, sharks, fish bones, houses, money, the united states, hearts, trucks, apples, light bulbs, stars, earth, footballs, baseballs, golf balls and more. That’s seriously only a small example of everything we have to offer.

Promotional Key chains are also incredibly affordable. Budget is the main concern that most people seem to have. We come in contact with companies every day who want to order hundreds of some item but they aren’t sure if it will break their bank. Check out our wide selection and see for yourself that  promotional key chains really are inexpensive. So next time you have a trade show and need to be prepared with hundreds of imprinted items you can do so with confidence and know that the small investment was more than worth the return that is sure to come.

Make An Impact With Promotional Key Chains Combined With Other Imprinted Items


For those interested in promotional key chains that serve a dual purpose, we offer bottle opener, carabiner, tape measure and flashlight options to name a few. A great way to give back to the community is to send a box of whistle key rings to a local charity or organization that is focusing on safety. Nearly every middle school has a safety week and would be thrilled to hand out LED key chains to the children. The small gesture makes a big impact on the community and on your business.

We have explained this in the past but feel that the message is important to repeat again and again. That is that the most persuasive promotional products are the items that are used on a daily basis. When a client holds your promotional key chains your company logo transforms into something that is tangible, real, actual. Furthermore, when your promotional item is made of exceptional materials your clients and everyone who receives one of your items will associate all of those fine characteristics with your company.
If you are wondering what would be an ideal promotional product to get into your client’s hands on a daily basis why not consider promotional key chains? Multiple times throughout the day your clients will grab for their keys and remember your company. Furthermore, key chains help organize the chaos of a set of keys and so your clients will thank you for helping restore a little bit or balance and order in their lives. It certainly does not take large gestures to make a large impact. Never underestimate the power of a key chain.

Promotional Key Chains Do Have Promotional Power Inexpensively

Key chains are useful products and nearly everyone in the world uses them. Even children who don’t drive or even use keys love to feel like their brothers and sisters or moms and dads so they carry around key rings wherever they go. We need keys to get to work, to get into work, to enter our homes, bike locks and more. No matter where you are at in life a key chain is necessary to keep the keys to your life in order. Furthermore, keys are important. They hold the access to some of the most important items that we own so doesn’t it make sense to trust them with quality customized key chains?

Our promotional key chains are designed to make your life a little sweeter and a little easier. Add a bit of whimsy to your life with a key chain shaped like a heart, star, fish bones or shark. For your clients that love to golf, give them a key chain shaped like a golf ball. We understand that you have corporate picnics, barbecues, holiday parties and other events that you have designed with a theme in mind. Carry that theme to the end with giveaway key chains in the style that best suits your party theme.

Everyone Can Use An Inexpensive Promotional Key Chain

One of the most fantastic parts of imprinted promotional key chains is that they are not suited to one specific company over another. Since everyone uses them it just makes sense that any business in any industry would be passing them out. Plus, they are so reasonably priced that you can easily afford hundreds of promotional key chains and pass them out at your next seminar to everyone in attendance as a thank you for their time. They will remember your stellar speech and certainly remember you long after the day is over every time they pull out their keys.