Promotional Koolers

It’s fun in the sun with hard or soft sided insulated promotional koolers ruggedly constructed to withstand a rough and tumble environment. Safely transport cool or warm food and drink for picnics, tailgating, and camping vacations also with many home uses like deck parties or a backyard BBQ and a no brainer for transporting perishables to and from the market. The health and weight conscious work force depend on insulated luncheon containers to help keep their diet on track—big step above brown bagging it. We have quality promotional koolers in all sizes and shapes at a range of prices to fit any budget. Our promotional koolers come in over 100 styles and in tons of colors. We also have many sizes available from lunch sack  koolers to six pack, twelve pack and even up to 50 can. So many uses by so many users for a long time—great advertising value especially at our best pricing.

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Promotional Koolers Are Great In The Summer

We use koolers for most of the summer months. As humans, we love being out in the sun, but how we keep our food and drinks safe and cold relies on the use of a cooler. We could not do this without the invention of one clever guy call Richard C. Laramy. He invented the portable ice chest back in 1951, in Joliet, Illinois. He devised the idea by creating a box which has insulation, contained in a double shell box, which slowed down the ice melt. The item was patented in 1953 and has since become extremely popular among people who like to enjoy a day at the beach, an afternoon in the park or on general camping trips. The kooler box is an extremely useful item to take with you on a hot day. You can store fresh food in it and help to maintain the lower temperature inside, by adding frozen gel packs. It is also useful for taking to the grocery store on a hot day to transport your frozen items  for the journey home.  Keeping food and drink fresh and refreshing has become so popular our promotional coolers have become a top choice for gifting clients and employee prizes and awards.

Promotional Koolers  Models For Lunches, Camping, Groceries and More

It makes them a rather versatile item to have around and nowadays the same thermal technology is used in many lunch boxes and portable, over the shoulder cooler bags. Many promotional kooler boxes now come with a handle and wheels. These are known commonly as rolling ice chests and perform in exactly the same way as static cooler boxes, except they can be conveniently wheeled around from place to place. The rolling ice chest was patented in 1994 and is attributed to Dennis L. Friedrich of Burbank, California. In New Zealand, the ice box, or cooler is known as the ‘chilly bin’, while in Australia the main brand name of most coolers has been adopted as a generic term, known as the ‘Esky’, short for Eskimos. The outer shell of an ‘Esky’ cooler is made from Polypropylene and the inner shell is polyurethane, making them extremely lightweight and very portable.

Promotional Koolers  Make Great Gifts and Handouts

Many sporting companies brand their own coolers with their logos, slogans or colors and sell them to people for general use. Many companies also use them as free gifts for new customers or with a purchase.  As a promotional cooler it is one of the most popular and certainly the most useful coupled with the food safety benefits. Because of the hot summers in many parts of the country, a promotional koolers can literally mean the difference between eating healthy and fresh food on a day trip or having the food turn bad very quickly in a hot vehicle.

Promotional Koolers A Crowd Pleasing Gift

If your company has any connection to outdoor life you might feel inclined to use promotional koolers to promote your business. Your logo or picture or slogan can easily be printed onto a promotional cooler which you can then offer to customers as a free gift and a way of enticing new business to your company. For the lowest market prices, just get in touch with us to order your promotional coolers!