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Promotional Letter Openers

Avoid a nasty paper cut with this cutting edge home and office essential—a tried and true promotional letter openers available in a unique gallery of shapes to augment your business or campaign theme.  They are constructed with the blade safely hidden in the infrastructure to avoid hurtful cutting accidents and some have a point to quickly and easily break into a sealed envelope. Even in these Technology oriented times mail still keeps flowing and many companies have a load to open daily, that is when a promotional letter opener shines.  These valuable promotional letter opener giveaways is a functional, inexpensive and a great trade show, big event, office and home tool to safely quicken the daily letter opening task.  Some a combined with a staple remover or magnifier to be even more versatile. Besides great service we follow through with terrific pricing—always! If your time-line is factor, check our 24-HOUR category.

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Promotional Letter Openers Are A Great Promo Item

Promotional Letter openers have been used for decades to help the operator cleanly open up envelopes. In the early days they were constructed of wood or ivory, and then in time have evolved to be made out of metal and plastic. Today a majority of the promotional letter openers have a blade manufactured in the product with a pointy edge that can easily slide under the corner of sealed envelopes.

Promotional letter openers make great promotional products because many companies have to open a large number of envelopes on any given day. Whether you have an entire mail room or you have to open a dozen pieces of mail a day, they are useful to any business. Often times when trying to open a letter manually, you are at a risk of a paper cut or even damaging the mail inside the envelope. With custom promotional letter openers those issues are never a problem. The blade cleanly and easily cuts the paper and can be repeatedly used for years as the paper won’t dull the blade.

Promotional Letter Openers Answer A Need And Will Expose Your Identity With Every Use

Like many other office products that are imprinted and used to promote a business, personalized promotional letter openers work well because it is likely that your client was going to buy the item anyway. That means that they will be thankful to you for your generous gift and continue thanking you every day when the mail comes. Custom letter openers answer a need that many businesses have while also marketing your business the entire time.

Another great reason to use promotional office products like imprinted promotional letter openers is because they are items that never lose value. Month after month and year after year they will be equally as important and valuable as the first day they were handed out, simply guarantees that the recipient will be exposed to your company brand over and over again. What business owner wouldn’t love a product like that?

An Extensive Inexpensive Promotional Letter Openers  Choices For Large Crowd Handouts

We have a number of standard and creative options of promotional letter openers available. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors and can be easily matched to whatever company theme or logo colors you have adopted. For example, we have heart shaped letter openers which would make fantastic giveaways for doctor’s offices, gyms or even blood banks. Our house shaped openers would be a great way to advertise a construction company, real estate business or even a mortgage company. A little bit of imagination can go a long way!

If you are looking for a promotional letter opener that can do even more, perhaps you’d be interested in the option with an attached staple remover. Or how about the one that comes with a mini ruler? Best of all, we have options with a built in mirror that also can hold standard business cards.

Promotional letter openers are a great way to get your client’s attention. Show them that you are thankful for their continued support by giving them something in return.