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Turn long computer hours into profitable advertising when boldly displaying your identity or your service on an eye catching promotional Mouse Pads located in the computer footprint and almost always within phone reach, then you’re just a click away. There are so many pad choices to easily coordinate with company colors, a related shape or any die-cut shape to highlight your campaign, many designed with a gel cushion for hand and wrist damage protection that may occur when using a computer constantly day after day.. Create an upbeat image with  promotional mouse pads portraying your personality in an uplifting message or graphic for continuous viewing on an office desk, the home office, or in a dorm room where exposure is a continuous reminder of you.  This popular gift is an easy handout for trade shows and conventions. Gift your established and potential clients and billboard your latest message for employees at our bizarre pricing.

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Promotional Mouse Pads Are A Great Trade Show Crowd Pleaser

Imprinted promotional mouse pads are one of the staple promotional products that have efficiently been promoting businesses for decades. They are consistently used as inexpensive trade show giveaways and continue to make a big impression today. Consider the benefit of custom mouse pads and other staple promotional items and order them for your next advertising campaign.

Apart from being an important method to advertise an organization, promotional mouse pads have many important uses. They allow for a more accurate and speedy mouse, protect the desk on which the mouse is operated and provide comfort. Initially they may have been constructed for practical reasons, but today they are a multi-million dollar industry.

Handout Promotional Mouse Pads Put Your Contact Info At Recipients Fingertip


Custom branded promotional Mouse Pads have a fantastic imprinting space available. Due to the size and flat design of the pads, just about anything goes with your imprint. Many clients enjoy printing all of the company contact information on the mouse pad as well as helpful items like calendars. By printing a calendar directly on the pad, you are encouraging your client to turn to your promotional Mouse Pads whenever they easily want to check a date. This may seem like a subtle action, but it actually increases brand visibility in big ways.

Screen printed promotional mouse pads come in a number of different shapes and sizes for your individual needs. We also offer ergonomic options that are designed to cut down discomfort that may occur with using a computer hour after hour, day after day. They have a built-in wrist support that also reduces strain should you need to frequently use your mouse.

Custom Promotional Mouse Pads Display Your Brand Or Message At Every Work Station

Promotional mouse pads are long-lasting items that can be used for years without wearing down. They are a great way to connect your clients to your brand in a consistent manner that will have durable effects on your business and, subsequently, on your revenue.

Some individuals seem inclined to think that staple marketing merchandise is overused and has run its course. They are misguided in that thinking because it’s a staple item that it must be overrated, far from actuality. Items like imprinted pens, embroidered caps, custom calendars and even promotional mouse pads are staples because they do work so well. If you are ever unsure about whether or not certain imprinted products will have a lasting effect on your business then turn to promotional mouse pads  that you can be confident will promote your business no matter the season, the client or the occasion.

A Timely Slogan Or Message on Promotional Mouse Pads Keeps You On Their Mind

Furthermore, promotional mouse pads and other top performers are generally incredibly inexpensive and accessible on any budget. Check out the low prices associated with promotional mouse pads to see how any organization can afford big products on a little budget.

For decades, promotional mouse pads have been a smart, inexpensive and efficient way to help maintain a more significant brand within the community. From antimicrobial to paper options, we have everything that you are looking for.