Promotional Pencils

The simple promotional pencils becomes a wealth of brand exposure publicizing your logo or message at exceptionally affordable prices for your new and repeat customers, employees, schools and universities. These include round and hexagon shapes with or without erasers, we also have golf pencils with or without erasers. For builders and the construction industry we have strong, long-lasting carpenter pencils, and also a variety of mechanical and novelty pencils continuously showcasing your identity while taking notes, making a list or just doodling. We carry a full range of colors choices including bright neons and glittering sparkle. Some ecological friendly, manufactured with recycled materials, most made in the USA and they are priced to fit any budget.  When placing your order for the budget friendly promotional pencils be sure to order a quantity that will allow generous gifting.  Spread large quantities for extensive community exposure.  You will be glad you did.

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Write Your Message with Promotional Pencils

For decades writing instruments have been one of the top performers when it comes to promotional products. They are staple marketing merchandise due to the fact that they are affordable, necessary and great giveaway items for just about any organization!
One of the nicest things about inexpensive promotional products is that a company or organization can afford hundreds or even thousands of them for a relatively small investment. Items like golf and carpenter pencils, as well as mechanical options, are easy to manufacture and therefore incredibly affordable. For just a few cents per item, most businesses can purchase literally thousands of pencils. This translates into the ability to effectively reach out to your targeted client base in a grander way than other promotional items may allow. Not a lot of other marketing merchandise can boast such positive characteristics. Since affordability is so important to nearly every organization, it’s no wonder that writing instruments continually lead the branded merchandise market year after year.

Promotional Pencils For Every Genre, A Writing Instrument, Golfers and Carpenters

As with other successful items, one of the biggest pulls towards products like promotionalpencils is that they are necessary. On any given day they are used by children, professionals and even construction workers, just to name a few. They have been around for hundreds of years helping people with a plethora of tasks when those individuals are not interested in using the indelible pen. It is not likely that pencils will go away in the foreseeable future. Even with the advent of technology, the need for pencils remains steadfast.

A great giveaway is an item that can be used by a large majority of people. Items like imprinted pencils help organizations to connect with consumers of all ages. Because they are so useful for a variety of different reasons, you can be sure that your promotional pencil will get a lot of use and continually market your business in the process.

Invest in Huge Quantities Of Promotional Pencils And Distribute Generously For A Huge ROI Impact

If you are looking for a strong advertising campaign, your organization might be interested in donating items like school kits to elementary schools in your community. Fill them with other promotional marketing merchandise like pencil sharpener’s, scissors, rulers, crayons and erasers to create a lasting impact that the kids will love and for which teachers will be impressed. When the children bring their kits home, their parents will also become familiar with your organization as a result. This is a fantastic method used to connect with an increased audience in an affordable and constructive manner. Plus, advertising to children is one of the smartest ways to ensure that your client base is built on a lasting foundation that will be strong for decades to come.

There are a number of fantastic promotional pencils available, including camouflage, rainbow, and fluorescent options, as well as other fun and unique selections. Design them around your company colors for a lasting impression and a stronger brand identity within the community.