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Promotional Piggy Banks

A Promotional Piggy Bank is a savings learning tool for the kids and a handy coin stash for adults.  Everyone can use promotional piggy banks. As a marketing inventory investment it’s a no brainer to gift  a piggy bank when one opens a new bank or credit union account, popular too with mortgage and reality offices. The little ones start learning the value of money and familiarize change counting and learn the art of saving from a very early age.  A boldly customized Promotional Piggy Banks with your identity, is just the ticket for clients, employees and friends to glimpse your identity every time they empty their change purse or pockets. Think too of a promotional piggy bank as a new baby gift which will be a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness throughout many years.  The imprint area is large and highly visible on banks that will reward you with a long life to continuously billboard your imprint.   Thoughtful advertising and priced to please.

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Promotional Piggy Banks Are Money In The Bank

“Positioning” is a well-known word in the world of advertising. It is the skill of persuading a customer to choose your brand to be a daily and integral part of the consumer’s life, such as the Promotional Piggy Banks. Interestingly, positioning is not something that a marketer can tangibly create, but rather it is all about how others perceive your company brand. Therefore, positioning is actually created by the customer, but it is through skillful suggestions and impressions by the marketer. What does this have to do with the world of promotional products? Everything!

Promotional piggy banks are an integral part of positioning. For example, if a home builder gives away promotional piggy banks shaped like houses, they are suggesting to their clients that their houses can help their clients save money. By choosing the correct promotional product like a promotional piggy bank to position your brand, you will create trust in your company and start forming a relationship with your client base. Once that relationship is formed, the client is then much more likely to do business with you and only you. That equals a lot more money in your pocket and helps you stand above your competition, especially as word of mouth gets around that your business helps save people more money.

Inexpensive Promotional Piggy Banks For Trade Show Giveaways Make A Statement

Promotional piggy banks are in contact with your clients on a daily basis and they end up telling much more about your company than you can even imagine. Picture receiving an item from a company that is low quality and breaks after the first or second use. You will automatically associate those negative characteristics with that company. By choosing one of our promotional piggy banks that are made out of quality materials and are designed to be long-lasting, you can show your clients that quality is more important to your company than the bottom line. Without saying a word your clients will have a favorable impression of you.

Our promotional piggy banks come in durable plastic, vinyl, and ceramic options with removable plugs for easy access to the change that you are storing away. We even have 24k gold hand painted white or ivory ceramic piggy banks if you are looking for an heirloom items to pass on. Our large selection of promotional piggy banks reflects your individual company’s needs and budget. Whichever option you choose, we are certain that your promotional piggy bank will impress your clients.

Create An Inference Of Saving With Promotional Piggy Banks

Promotional Piggy banks are a great giveaway item at your next trade show or seminar. Not only do they immediately imply that your business is out to save money, but they are fun for all ages. Children love collecting and learning to count coins while adults use their promotional piggy bank to empty change from their pockets. Coins get really heavy, so why not give your clients somewhere to put their change on a daily basis and remember your business in the process? Imprinted promotional piggy banks are just one smart way to position your company at the top!