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Promotional Power Banks

Check out our promotional power banks and you’ll be a HERO when electronics power is drained and making a contact is essential. Our qualified team is eager to keep your clients and employees fully charged with a 2650 promotional Power Bank rechargeable charger. The durably constructed power banks includes a USB to Micro USB connected cable to recharge the battery backup or mobile devise. An LED indicates charging mode and charging completion.  Our promotional power banks come in a variety of shapes, colors and designs and combined with a carabiner it can be attached to a belt loop  keeping it easy to reach when needed.  We also have a power bank with an LED light for evening events and they would be a great addition to a disaster kit.  Many of our power banks are water resistant.  Have essential promotional power banks  readily available in the car, desk, or briefcase for whenever and wherever a battery runs low. This is a gift for every “techie” who relies on keeping charged to complete daily routine contacts and tasks. A most welcome customized trade show, client or employee gift they’ll be so glad to have when the need arises. Our prices—well, they’ll just blow you away

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Power Up your Brand With Promotional Power Banks

Save On Promotional Products offer a full line of mobile Promotional Power Banks to ensure your recipients can maintain consistent and uninterrupted service with their electronic media audience. The mobile power banks must be versatile, universal for all types of devices including an iPad, tablet, iphone or smartphone, a computer or Kindle and including Apple products using owner supplied battery cable and AC devices—just plug into the computer USB port with included cable.  The promotional power banks should be a convenient size to fit in a pocket, purse, briefcase, or backpack and should be available to travel with your electronic devices to provide an emergency or full charge whenever and wherever needed.

Your clients, employees and friends will welcome having a personal and convenient charging source handily available. Although many public locations like airports, planes, coffee houses, etc. have installed charging facilities a personal device provides the opportunity to keep the batteries charged while avoiding the wait to get access to a public charging location.

You’ll Get A Real Charge Out Of Our Promotional Power Banks

When choosing the right Promotional Power Banks the right battery for the charge is an important decision referred to as mAh*. The Lithium Battery is larger in size, less expensive and produces a somewhat slower charge or recharge to the device. It is an adequate choice for an emergency charge or recharge and will even cover multiple phone charges. The smaller Polymer Battery is faster, produces a full charge and multiple phone charges. Another plus is the Polymer Battery produces a longer life cycle for the Power Bank and although it is in a little higher price range than the Lithium, Save On Promotional Product prices all products at the best price in the industry. Our selection includes a heavy duty Power Bank with more than 2,200 mAh battery (considered the desirable size for Smartphones and iPhones) for clients who are tied to their electronics and need a quick charge.

As a client gift you are assured Save On Promotional Products Power Banks offerings meet safety regulations and are in compliance with FCC, CE, UL, and RoHS(European) certification on all devices ensuring you are offering quality and safety for every recipient. Customize tremendous and useful promotional power banks with your logo or brand boldly showcased by a laser or screen printed imprint in a very visible area to remind your clients and potential customers or anyone that relies on social media devices as their contact source of your generosity.   The promotional power banks are a great contemporary product that everyone using electronic devices will welcome. A great thank you gift, a corporate gift and a recognition or incentive employee gift and an excellent choice for frequent travelers and heavy mobile users.   It makes a statement wherever it’s used.

Check Our Budget Friendly Promotional Power Banks With Handy Combos

We offer Promotional Power Banks in a variety of shapes and colors. Check out our slim design, our carabineer attached unit will keep it ever handy, we have a Power Bank combined with an LED lamp designed for outdoor and evening events and would be a great addition to a disaster kit and to fit any campaign theme we have custom shaped designs. We have a full line including a high powered, water resistant product. You are bound to find the best one for you and your recipients among our collection.

Save On Promotional Products offers its quality products at everyday industry best pricing and offers long recognized quality service. Our friendly Sales Representatives are a details oriented marketing staff ensuring your engraved or screen printed promotional power banks investment will result in a successful marketing campaign.

* Note: mAh refers to how Charging is measured in milliamperes