Monogrammed Promotional Products

Monogrammed Promotional Products

Monogrammed promotional products like business cards today do more than provide contact information. They play a crucial role in the marketing process. Besides having the traditional information, such as company name, phone number, and address, today’s competitive marketing industry requires that the business card do much more than simply relay the basics. Perhaps your business card and/ or your distributing techniques need polishing. Consider the following ideas in order to make sure that you and your business card are effectively representing your company and services. Maximize your potential with these Monogrammed Promotional Products.

What is on your card is extremely important. Many businesses are including a company slogan in addition to the basic information, and some are listing special customer benefits. For hard to find physical locations, consider using a graphic, such as a map or the intersection of two cross streets. These can be very helpful and timesaving for the customer. In the age of today’s technology, it is also necessary to print the fax number, e-mail address, and web site (if applicable). Many customers prefer to communicate initially via the Internet, and having this information readily available gives you an edge in generating clients. It is also wise to consider the implementation of an 800 number. For locals as well as those out-of the area customers, people are way more likely to contact a company if they can do so toll-free. Call us today about Monogrammed Promotional Products.

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Monogrammed Promotional Products

Monogrammed promotional products like styles of business cards have been transformed. Some companies are moving beyond the standard 3 ½ by 2 size and are publishing a slightly larger card. A card that has the information printed vertically, rather than horizontally, can also stand out. The varieties of card stock that are available and the options for using recycled materials are very appealing to some. The use of the fold-over card is also becoming increasingly popular. Here, the front and back are similar to a traditional card, but the inside contains additional information. This type of card is visually similar to a brochure. Having a business card that is double-sided can also be impressive- and necessary if you have a multitude of information that doesn’t easily fit the front-side.

Points To Keep In Mind Monogrammed Promotional Products

There are other points to keep in mind to ensure the quality of your business card. Be sure that the font sizes, styles, and colors are visually appealing, yet easy to read. Having professional guidance with these tasks can be most helpful. Also, contemplate having room, possibly on the back-side, for special messages or multiple time slot appointments. These can serve as reminders or can even assist in the attainment of that next important sales meeting. Monogrammed promotional products  can do a big part in boosting your connection with your customers.

Use marketing techniques to distribute your business cards. First of all, and most importantly, hand them out- often and to everyone, especially professional looking strangers. In any situation that requires leaving a gratuity, for example eating out in a restaurant, tip extremely well and always include your business card. Pass your Monogrammed promotional products out in the elevators, in taxicabs, on airplanes, standing in line, or in any other situation that requires waiting or uncomfortable silences.

Market Your Business With Monogrammed Promotional Products

You can also market your business by doing good deeds and leaving your Monogrammed promotional products behind as the evidence. Pay for someone’s parking, toll, or cocktail and merely leave your card behind or with the attendant. Purchase that cup of coffee or newspaper for the person in line behind you and make sure your card is left for them to keep. This is sure to create a positive impression of you and your company.

Spend time creating a powerful business card and make sure that they are kept in print. Keep them everywhere. A full supply of cards should be accessible in your purse, wallet, planner, or briefcase. They should also be in your shirt pocket, your car, your office, and your home. Refill them daily. Be sure and hand monogrammed promotional products out to individuals during every meeting, greeting, introduction, service you receive, and function you attend, whether it be serious or merely social.

Distribute Monogrammed Promotional Products

Always distribute cards seriously and with intention. Do not just pass them out casually and effortlessly. Your company is serious, and you want to relay that message. Be sure to give your cards to others with two hands. Using both hands communicates a respectable and sincere effort to promote yourself and your services. Recipients of your monogrammed promotional products will respond to this warmly.

Your business cards are your marketing cards. Think about the ways in which you can improve your own success by following some of these simple, yet powerful ideas and just keeping handing out monogrammed promotional products .