Personalized Promotional Products

Personalized Promotional Products

Some thoughts on personalized promotional products. The job market is becoming increasingly complex. The healthcare field struggles to attract and maintain qualified employees. Educational institutions face the consequences of high turnover rates and difficulties in satisfying overworked, weary teachers. Executives in key positions have trouble locating high caliber administrative assistants that meet their expectations who are at the same time content with the title and/ or salary of such positions. In jobs of skilled trades, even welders, estheticians, and plumbers often have the option of writing their own tickets.

How are businesses to find valued employees? How are they then to keep them?Implementing promotional strategies in the forms of awards and incentives and using  personalized promotional products is a step toward generating and retaining employees. It shows appreciation and gratitude for hardworking employees. It can inspire those in sales positions to work harder and achieve certain goals. It can also reward them for reaching those standards. Awards and incentives programs can help to boost employee morale and enhance job performance. These strategies can even lower accident rates and improve overall employee job satisfaction. Numerous studies have been done to support this fact. Give us a call about personalized promotional products.

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Personalized Promotional Products

For establishing awards and incentives programs using personalized promotional products , there are some key points to bear in mind.  First of all, employees need to be motivated by rewards that are quality and worth working toward. Having an impressive prize breeds enthusiasm and competition. Consider requesting employee feedback for possible awards. If administration has decided that a grand prize is a vacation, list the possible destinations and have employees vote on the options. What about the adoption of an award catalog for certain sales goals, in the planned event of many winners? Another idea is to form a committee that includes chosen departmental employees to contribute to contest regulations. An interesting award can influence all workers to perform well and work hard toward mastering the goal, at the same time encourage others to do so as well.

Secondly, take the emphasis off the administration. Ideally, the managers should not be “doing the awarding.” Make the employees responsible for their own awards. This eliminates accusations of favoritism and makes the staff in charge of their own success.

Personalized Promotional Products For Incentives

Also, employees need to believe that they have a chance of winning the competition. If members of an organization believe that achieving the desired outcomes are possible, the time and energy used in planning the event will have been wasted as participation will likely be extremely low.

In addition, clearly explain all of the requirements of the incentive program. To supplement general meetings with announcements, comprise a handout that accurately describes the agreed protocol. Make it available. The help of personalized promotional products will help this process.

Include Personalized Promotional Products As Incentives

Moreover, employees need continuous feedback during contests and incentive programs. Keeping them updated accurately with their personal status, and possibly even the status of other candidates can improve the competition. Do this through e-mails and newsletters and a variety of  personalized promotional products that relate to the overall theme of the ongoing event.

One true success story involves a very large salon implementing an incentive program with a new product line. All stylists were educated on the logistics of the line and the requirements of the contest. All were instructed to promote the line to their clientele base. All stylists who reached a certain goal were eligible for a drawing for a roundtrip ticket to an elite hair show. The winner had the choice of attending an event in Chicago, Los Angeles, or London. Employees were ecstatic. During the two-month duration, the owner posted an updated chart of weekly progress. She also used  promotional products like combs, key chains, and travel bags imprinted with special me personalized promotional products to foster motivation. The staff thoroughly enjoyed the friendly sales competition, and almost everyone met their set sales quota. Importantly, the salon benefited immensely by the increase in product sales. In the end, the employees were begging for another event to participate in.

Using Personalized Promotional Products As Awards

Awards and incentives can be used to build business with clientele, besides employees. Another success story includes a guitar teacher managing his own studio. Quarterly concerts were planned each year, and all students were encouraged to participate in some way. However, only approved students who had mastered their set list of sheet music received the special award of playing in the “select” group. The “select” group received free T-shirts to wear during concert dates, imprinted with the studio’s name, logo, and the “select” title. Furthermore, they received discounts on their monthly bill for lessons. This promotional strategy encouraged all students to work hard by offering a few different incentives. It also served to build business, as concerts were open to the public and many friends and family members of students came to observe.

Brainstorm with your promotional consultant to plan an awards program or incentive contest that works for you. Follow these guidelines, and include a variety of promotional items to support your event. Keep your employees excited about their jobs and working toward fresh goals. In the end, awards and incentives can spice the flavor of the employee atmosphere and build your business. Call us and we will talk  personalized promotional products.