Wholesale Promotional Products

Wholesale Promotional Products

Let us take a look at wholesale promotional products. We are bombarded with more messages than we can even comprehend in the period of a single day. Consider television commercials, magazine and newspaper ads, radio broadcasting, billboards, mail, email, spam, faxes, telephone calls, telemarketers, and door to door salespeople. We have grown accustomed to the overwhelming amount of information presented to us, and often we are able to easily tune out the majority of messages we are exposed to. If you are a business owner, and are in the process of developing an effective ad, how can you expect to be noticed? Consider incorporating wholesale promotional products to add into the mix.  Catching the attention of your future customers requires some thoughtful planning and creativity on your part. Are you delivering your messages in a unique way?

E-blasts are a way to impress the public via the Internet. When you work with a savvy visual artist who is talented in design, the digital graphics can really wow recipients. Send out e-blasts to an on-line mailing list regularly. Differentiate your ads with specials, important news, or upcoming events. Always, of course, keep your logo and/ or letterhead consistently the same so that your customers are familiarized with your company and look forward to your regular e-blasts. Include pictures and images that captivate your audience. Call today to order your wholesale promotional products.

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Wholesale Promotional Products

Don’t forget that you can now purchase wholesale promotional products and this changes just a bit.Media releases do grab people’s attention. These work especially well when faxed or mailed. The more professional you create a media release, the more seriously others will take it. Remember that the use of type fonts can change the flavor of any document for better or worse. Use font settings to your advantage.

Consider sending out event invitations for special functions. For open houses, banquets, holiday gatherings, awards presentations, benefits, and other events, give your invitees a memorable notice. Hire a calligrapher to add a personal touch. Send out wholesale promotional products  that fit the thematic nature along with the invitation.

Network with Wholesale Promotional Products

Take advantage of networking opportunities. Use the charm and personality that attract others to you to also introduce your work and wholesale promotional products or services. In introductions, meetings, appointments, errands, and conferences, mention what it is that you actually do and have business cards on hand to give out.

Bring creativity into your communication with other businesses. Always have a few wholesale promotional products handy to leave with a new customer. Let uniqueness and energy emanate from your dealings with others. You can give away promotional gifts to surprise others. In addition, mere words can really strike others as well. For example, an educational tutoring center in one city mailed a special package to all who signed up on their web site or in their office to learn more about this company’s services. Enclosed with the packet of standard informational reading materials was a small sealed box of tea imprinted with a note that read, “Success is Brewing.”

Make your sales pitch stand out. Use UPS or Federal Express when mailing  wholesale promotional products. Also stamp your packaging with a message about the time sensitivity of the contents. Choose a size or shape that is different than the standard envelopes. Consider tubes, odd shaped boxes, and bright colors.

Mail out Wholesale Promotional Products

Distinguish your sales letter from others’ sales letters. Avoid your message being tossed out with the junk mail or shoved in a drawer by making a distinct approach. Mail a special promotional gift item with your direct mail pieces. This has been proven in studies to seriously increase response rates. When clients receive a special treat enclosed with your offer, they will most likely want to learn more about your business.

Send follow up letters frequently and include something special along with them. Experts say that it takes several attempts on your part to really reach a would-be client. Remember, that circumstances change for people, and they often forget about your offer the first time or two. Speed up this process by spicing up your follow up letters. Offer  wholesale promotional products, discounts, and other memorabilia to increase the probability of your materials being noticed. The Republican Party makes an effort of mailing commemorative snapshots of President George W. Bush along with the First Lady when requesting donations. It is truly amazing how this tactic inspires followers of this party to continue to donate money and to watch carefully for packages from the Republic Party to arrive. Political parties are wise to the follow up process and use their letters and snapshots for the benefit of their organizations.

With the amount of advertising messages we receive in a given day calling for our attention, marketing must get creative in order to really make us notice. Strategize by making your messages as unique and visually appealing as possible. Promotions professionals can assist you in taking your advertising up a notch, give us a call and let’s talk about wholesale promotional products.