Promotional Rulers

Thought primarily of as a child’s learning tool this handy measuring stick becomes a cost effective vehicle of brand recognition with your identity showcased in its large imprint area on one or both sides. Distribute promotional rulers at academic events, trade shows, conventions, or use as a business card to introduce yourself. These become a convenient tool, tucked in a briefcase, desk drawer, glove compartment, sewing box, craft center and any place a 6 to 15 inch measurement would be useful. An often overlooked feature is its handy and often used for its straight edge capabilities. Imprinted in inch and metric increments which is a quick inch/metric comparison tool, manufactured in woods or plastic with lacquered or natural wood tone finishs or a selection of colors including fluorescents and neons. Most of our promotional rulers are made in the USA.   You’ll jump at Save On Promotional Products  outstanding prices—they beat all.

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Promotional Rulers Measure Up To Success

Just like its big brother the yardstick, promotional rulers have been the go-to item of trade shows and conventions for over ninety years. After nearly a century of success, it is easy to see why they have been around so long and why they are here to stay. Promotional rulers have a large imprinting area, come in a variety of colors and materials, and are durable and are inexpensive. There is no doubt in our minds that another 100 years from now imprinted rulers will still be a staple in the promotional product industry.

Many of the items that our clients order are products that are to be given away at trade shows. That’s because trade shows are a fantastic way to get your business in front of a lot of potential new clients and show them everything that you have to offer. As the history of trade shows indicates, part of the reasons that a lot of people go to them is to receive promotional merchandise like promotional rulers. As such, it is important to think about what items would work the best for your business.

Promotional Rulers With A Large Imprint Area Priced For Large Handouts


For some companies, the bottom line is the most important thing for them to focus on above all. This economy is not forgiving for many companies and so the cheaper the item the better. However, this is a slippery slope that businesses need to be aware of. Never forsake quality and durability for a low low price. There are thousands of promotional items out there that are super inexpensive and made of quality materials. In the long run you won’t get a decent return on investment and so that cheaper, low quality item won’t be worth it. With promotional rulers, you will be giving away an item that is both inexpensive, durable and useful. Both wood and plastic varieties are built tough and can literally withstand years and years of use and abuse.

One of the nicest things about personalized promotional rulers is how much imprinting space is available. Whatever information is most important to you is likely to easily fit on the ruler. That way you can have your company name and logo, website, telephone, fax number, message or slogan and more all in one place. The next time your client asks for a business card, give him one along with a promotional ruler. By doing so, you will make a strong impression on your client and give them another way to make sure to remember your business.

Inexpensive Proudly Made In America Promotional Rulers Are Great Handouts, Gifts and Donations To Spread Your Message

Personalized promotional rulers are used often by schools. If you want to make a splash in your community, then donate rulers to the school districts in your area. It’s one of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to get your logo in as many homes in your area as possible. So while mom and dad are helping with their child’s homework, your business brand is working overtime. Plus, kids are consumers as well, so it’s important to get your brand as visible as possible as early as possible!