Sewing Kits

Promotional Sewing Kits

Accidents happen! A button comes off, a seam rips, or an unsightly snag appears, any one of which desperately needs of a quick fix before meeting the public. We have mini promotional sewing kits with a needle, a few thread colors, and small scissors quite sufficient for a novice sewer to replace a button or put in a few replacement stitches or even pick a snag and pull it to the back side. A mini size sewing kit is a briefcase and suitcase essential, Hotels and motels should inventory a supply of sewing kits to satisfy their guests’ needs. We have more elaborately equipped full size kits to tackle more serious repairs in the home and office, or in a craft box and they too are a briefcase or suitcase favorite. Hopefully the promotional sewing kit is not needed often but it’s always a comfort knowing you are prepared and just hanging around it will be displaying your full logo identification and yo will be thanked when it corrects an emergency incident. You will be thanked and remembered every time a needy emergency arises.

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