Stress Balls

Promotional Stress Balls

Calm jittery nerves with a solid squeeze on  fun shaped promotional Stress Balls. Select from our squishy different game balls (representing every major sport) and multitudes of creative shapes one of which is bound to closely tie-in and enhance your next campaign theme and probably even put a smile on the recipients face—smiling alone reduces tension. They are a fun item that will get  attention and it keeps your logo visibly in the hands of your clients or prospective clients.  Unwinding while squeezing has the added benefits of warding off finger stiffness and fatigue from repetitious actions and think of what it might do for those biceps. Promote your business brand or message and form a long lasting customer relationship with fun inspired promotional stress balls to reduce stress and anxiety at our outrageous prices. If event date is drawing near, check our 24-Hour Category and you will find our everyday pricing to be the best.

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