Stuffed Animals

 Promotional Stuffed Animals

Cuddly promotional stuffed animals are a “God-send” to calmly relax children during a hospital or dental visit and essential for social workers or counselors to ease inevitable tense moments. Think of them too as a team mascot, a duck, the bears, a lion or dolphin. They’re lovable, huggable plush buddies or toss around bean bag toys. We have pups and kittens, farm animals, a zoo full of monkeys, tigers and bears, some sea life and a wild and crazy bunch too. Our promotional stuffed animals are imprinted or dressed for the occasion wearing custom imprinted t-shirts to show off your identity. Every pediatrician, hospital, clinic and dental office and also the children’s aide groups should be equipped to reach out to the children with a comforting cuddly promotional stuffed animal to use a an ice breaker and confidence builder.  We also have useful animal magnets and key tags. Best of all is our ridiculously cheaper prices.

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