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Who is that hiding behind those attractive promotional Sunglasses. They add a mysterious, exciting and even sexy aura and continue to spread your identity everywhere they go.  Our fashionable and stylish glasses are a winner with the guys and gals and come in many popular designs all of which include UV eye protection which is highly recommended by the medical field when ever your outside in the daylight. Popular customized promotional fun in the sunglasses add significant pleasure to any outing every season of the year—think of them as souvenirs at summer vacation spots or parks, the ultra bright snowy ski resorts, and they’re always an essential drivers companion. Choices designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts serve excellent protection with less bulk, a stylish, more sophisticated audience may prefer trendy contemporary pilot or aviator designs with large protective lens’ and classic metal frames. We also have an outstanding specialty group for fun loving party planners in more retro, funky, party designs sure to add pizzazz to any gathering. Give us a call, we sell high quality cheaply and look forward to getting your order started for promotional Sunglasses rolling.

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Sunglasses a Great Promotional Item

Promotional Sunglasses have become a front runner for pleasing trade show crowds.  Did you know that in the early 20th century sun glasses were known as “sun cheaters”? At that time, “cheaters” was an American vernacular for glasses. Since the 1940s, they have been an item that is often used to accessorized much like one would use jewelry, but sun glass were originally made as a type of protective eyewear. That’s because the bright sunlight, or other high-watt lights, can really damage eyes or cause serious discomfort resulting in headaches or other symptoms. From the 1940s and on, they have been a popular staple in the fashion industry and are loved by all. In fact, people love their glasses so much that prescription sun glasses are extremely common. As such, promotional Sunglasses are a must have in the marketing inventory for any business.

Fashionably Styled For Guys And Guys Promotional Sunglasses Are A Trade Show Standout


Health care professionals recommend that people reach for their promotional Sunglasses each and every time the sun comes out. That’s because harmful ultraviolet radiation (known as UV) and blue light are incredibly harmful to the eyes and can cause major problems like cataracts and eye cancer, to name a few. Medical experts agree that sun glasses can filter out 99-100% of the harmful UV light that does so much damage. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are okay without your glasses because there are many visible and invisible components to consider. Protect the eye health of your clients and employees by giving them imprinted promotional Sunglasses and your clients will thank you.

Interestingly, the use of Sunglasses to block out the sun dated back to the prehistoric ages. Inuit people, for example, wore glasses fashioned out of ivory taken from walrus tusks and flattened down. They would cut a narrow slit in the glasses and look through them. Those slits would only allow in a small amount of light, essentially blocking the direct rays of the sun which can often be painful. It is interesting to see how our promotional Sunglasses have evolved over time. In this modern age, they are not only functional but they are also a great looking fashion statement.

Excite Your Company Picnic Crowd With Affordable Quality Promotional Sunglasses For All Comers


Personalized promotional Sunglasses are fantastic items to giveaway at your next corporate picnic. Pass them out to everyone in attendance to make sure they have a good time, protect their eyes, and go away with an item that will continue marketing your business for years to come. Just like custom apparel, promotional eye wear is a great idea because it can be used over and over again without issue, and often more frequently! No one will look at you funny for wearing your Promotional Sunglasses every day, so your opportunities for visibility go through the roof!

Because our custom imprinted promotional Sunglasses are so classy looking, they will get a lot of attention. They are meant to accessorize in high style so that your brand will stand out to everyone you come in contact with. It’s impossible to miss your brand when talking face to face! Check out our incredible selection of promotional Sun Glasses now!