Promotional Lanyards

The promotional products industry has developed the simple promotional lanyard into a highly sought-after trade show and convention tool to display your ID while showing off your logo or brand.  They are used extensively in the medical field for easy identification, and are a security item in academic institutions to help protect our kids.  There in the schoos they are used regularly not just for staff but also for approved visitors so your imprinted lanyard is seen by many and gaining recognition continuously. Coupled with hooks, snaps, buckles, whistles, flashlights, promotional badge holders, badge pouches or neck wallets make them even more desirable and often used. Promotional Lanyards are constructed in a variety of materials and colors, some are fluorescent or neon and many others in more subdued color choices and they are all inscribed with your logo for continued brand building all at outstanding budget friendly prices.

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Promotional Lanyards To Brand Your Logo

Marketing pros understand that imprinting your name on seemingly routine items will have a tremendous impact on your overall business. Take for instance the promotional lanyard. Whether you intend to pass out promotional products to your client base or equip your employees with various items to help organize their professional and personal lives, the truth of the matter is that putting your company name out there on promotional lanyards packs an advertising punch.  It is unparalleled to other marketing methods. Some believe that the approach works because it is a more subtle way to advertising by keeping your brand in the forefront, while others believe that it is due to the professional aura that comes from promotional products. If you are interested in an item that will be seen daily by potential clients then you should order promotional lanyards.

Promotional Lanyards Are A Great promotional Item

Promotional lanyards are great for any industry that needs quick and constant access to open doors with their key cards and other security clearance or hands free situations. They are often used in hospitals and are great for trade show events, concerts, and even sporting events.

If you are holding your next company barbecue at a ball park or other sporting arena, hand out customized lace promotional lanyards to your employees and their guests to not only promote your business as a one unit, but to give them the permission they need to get access to your party. You can customize your lanyards to fit your company colors or even to match the colors of the team you are rooting for.

Promotional Lanyards Are a Branding Staple For Conferences

People love feeling important at times in their lives and promotional lanyards at your next event are a great way to achieve that goal. Plus, long after the event is over, everyone in attendance will take home your imprinted promotional lanyards and continue the company promotion for years to come.

We have a number of imprinted promotional lanyards are available as well as badge holders. What about retractable badge holders that can easily clip on to your clothing? The retractable options are great for someone on the go who works an active job.

Promotional Lanyards Pack A Punch

They are perfect for bending, reaching and just about any movements as they will stay clipped in place and your badge or identification will stay put and not get in your way. When you need to access your security clearance or sign into your computer using a key fob, you simply grab on to the key and give it a slight tug. The mechanism inside will do all of the work for you when you release it. It can’t get any easier that that!

Trust Us on Promotional Lanyards

If you are looking for simple promotional lanyards for your next seminar in order to pass out to everyone in attendance, then why not choose our pocket options with an attached pin. These are used with simple paper inserts to protect your name tag for much longer than a name promotional lanyards will.

Our representatives are standing by and ready to answer any questions you have about our custom promotional lanyards!