Promotional Chairs

Your gifted clients and employees will thank you for comfortable concert or sporting event seating with their own deluxe or more standard folding promotional chairs, smaller tripod styles, or stadium seats and cushions all boldly showcasing your logo. Promotional chairs are a superior product, a great branding billboard with a spacious imprint area to show off your imprint to hundreds at any sporting event.  A distinguished gift with features like lounge style foot rests, arms, cooler pockets, and additional (some secure) pockets, carrying cases and are designed to be easily transportable. Promotional Chairs are a year ’round item going to picnics, the beach, camping or a baseball game in the summer and making those bleacher seats much more comfortable during the sporting event seasons. Our selection is huge, colorful, functional and puts your identity in the forefront at our very affordable prices. We also carry promotional chairs for the office and a variety of chairs and stools of all kinds. Our prices are known to beat all.

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Promotional Chairs Can Make A Big Impression

Promotional Chairs are a great branding tool. Many organizations tout the importance of thinking outside the box in order to achieve maximum brand awareness and cut through the ho hum advertising campaigns that are frequently used. Achieving distinctive success does not always have to come at the cost of more traditional items. If your company is interested in going above and beyond to find promotional products that connect with the client in a specific and important way, then consider using personalized promotional chairs to advertise your business.

When individuals think of promotional products, they often go right to imprinted pens and personalized tote bags. However, the world of promotional products has opened to include fantastic items such as custom promotional chairs, among other items. By utilizing such a superior product, you can show your clients and employees that you are interested in giving them only the best products that will continue to benefit their lives year after year.


Promotional Chairs A Comforting Gift Of Distinction

In just about any case, comfort is key. If your clients aren’t comfortable with their current situation, they are likely to find a way to get out of it. From any angle, a miserable and uncomfortable client is an unhappy one, and an unhappy clients is one that will think twice about supporting your business down the road. In terms of an activity or an event, this may mean that they will not be able to enjoy all that has been planned for them if they have left because they are not comfortable. By handing out promotional chairs at any event, including a picnic or a  trip to the park, you can give clients a place to sit and interact with others, thus increasing your relationship with them, while also sending them on their way with  promotional chairs that exposes your brand to their family and friends time and time again. And because imprinted promotional chairs can be used for so many events, from Fourth of July parties to trips to the beach, you can be certain that your marketing merchandise will get plenty of use and that your brand will be very visible.

Personalized promotional chairs are practical for a number of different reasons. They can be folded down and stored away when not used. They also can be kept in a car or truck for those unexpected moments when you need them most. Other bulky items are sure to take up space but will not appeal to the consumer in the same way that foldable chairs will. And because they come in an easy to carry case, they can be a part of any go to gear when planning any outdoor event.

Promotional Chairs A Budget Friendly Out Of The Box Choice Billboards Your Brand

Custom promotional chairs are fantastic door prizes and employee incentives. Get your employees motivated to reach their sales goals by enticing them with imprinted promotional chairs and tickets to the big ball game. While they all are tailgating and relaxing in your branded chair, your business will be promoted in a big way!