Promotional Flashlights

Light up their life and your brand with promotional flashlights, a brilliant choice for your next promotional campaign. We have selections of mini varieties, pocket sized to the full sized MagLite and much more to light up a pathway, find a keyhole, or to cover during a power failure and an essential in the home, vehicle and tool kit. Some are hand powered and with LED options. Adding to their convenience we have several promotional flashlight combos with keychains, carabiners, lanyards and Leatherman and Buck tools. You’ll love our prices. Promotional flashlights can really light up  your brand and are rarely ever thrown out. great bang for your buck and we have a huge selection in many colors and styles. If you do not see the exact flashlight you are looking for then give us a call and we will find that perfect one for you. Call today to order.

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Light Up Your Brand With Promotional Flashlights

Promotional flashlights are one of the most well-loved promotional items. That’s because they are handy in a number of situations and most often when the recipient needs the help most. When a client is in need and they reach for your customized light they will associate very positive feelings with your business and thank you in a number of ways for your generosity. This is the cycle of promotional items and why they work so fantastically.

We have a large selection of promotional flashlights available for your numerous needs and wants. If you are looking for small, swivel flashlights we have a number of different options available. Those work well when looking in tight places that most lights cannot reach. We also have aluminum carabiner options available that work well for people on the go or in outdoor situations when you are interested in always being prepared for whatever is thrown at you. The promotional flashlights are lightweight and easily clip to a utility belt or belt loops on any pair of pants or can easily be stored in the pocket of cargo shorts. Wherever you choose to store your light, you can be certain that they won’t weigh you down. So if you are interested in climbing a high mountain and preparedness is a top priority, you won’t have to worry about extra weight that traditional flashlights might bring.

Small Solitaires to Rugged Tactical  Promotional Flashlights

Some of our other options include lantern lights and shake flashlights that are self-propelled as well as crank lights. Those two options are perfect to store away in cars or other safety kits and you will never have to worry about batteries corroding or losing power. Since they are operated by hand, you will always have promotional flashlight at your fingertips.

If you are interested in giving away promotional flashlights to your clients or employees for thank you gifts or to show your gratitude at the end of the year, we have small and large aluminum flashlights that come in professional black cases to store all of the components of the light, including batteries. They present very nicely and because they are already in a case they store away with minimal space but are easy to find in a large tool kit or safety bag. Those options even come with a strap to insure you don’t lose the promotional flashlight or a key chain if you prefer the ease of keeping a light on your key chain. The latter option is perfect for employees that often work late and need a little extra protection or guidance getting to their cars or navigating the dark streets on their way to public transportation.

Affordable Softer Incandescent or Brighter Whiter LED Promotional Flashlights

Help your customers and clients feel comfortable and at ease with your laser engraved promotional flashlights. They will be blown away by your generosity and will be comforted with knowing that you care about them and their safety.  Browse our incredible selection of promotional flashlights and choose the best option that fits your needs today.