Promotional Screwdrivers

Trendy DIY mentality increased the importance of handy useful promotional tools
like the promotional screwdrivers. Probably the most frequently used by gals and guys is the promotional screwdriver needed to assemble toys and furniture, tighten or remove a screw or open a paint can. Whether a Philips head, flat head or hex head is required, we have them in all sizes and we have tiny ones for a quick eyeglass repair. The promotional screwdriver or promotional screwdriver kit with multiple interchangeable bits would be a popular promo gift to be handed out by builders, contractors, or any service—a boon to their marketing inventory. The simple little promotional screwdriver becomes a stress reliever when answering to an emergency repair, every home, garage, tool box, glove box, office and work station should have one. We have convenient combos with an LED, a carabiner clip and other convenient features to increase its handy, useful attributes and our prices beat all.

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Using Promotional Screwdrivers To Brand

It is important to always remember that promotional merchandise like promotional screwdrivers can and should be used by every business. There are a plethora of items available that can touch the hearts of the clients in so many different ways, and they are available on a number of different budgets. There is no reason that a company shouldn’t use these items to promote their businesses. And once they do, we are certain that they will have wondered why they didn’t start earlier!

Many times our clients come to us looking for items to pass out to a large number of clients and potential clients. Usually these requests come because the company is planning to attend a trade show event, convention or seminar. In these cases, it may make better sense to keep the costs of the individual items low while buying a much larger quantity of items. An example of a great item like this is promotional screwdrivers. By purchasing items like this, you can stay true to your budget, reach a large number of clients and have no worries while you endlessly pass out your merchandise and connect with client after client.

Promotional Screwdrivers For All Businesses

If you are encountering a number of new clients that have never seen your brand, then it makes sense to stand out from the competition by passing out promotional items that are unique or get a client’s attention in some way. One perfect item to get the trick done is using personalized promotional screwdrivers. They come in a number of different styles but are all designed to enhance your project and life in some way.

For example, we have custom promotional screwdrivers that come with a level built right in to the handle. The blade is also double ended so that you can work on jobs that require a standard screwdriver as well as a Phillips. These items are perfect for when you need your work to be perfectly straight. There are so many different professions that could use promotional screwdrivers, so think outside the box to make a bigger impression. For example, since having a level picture is very important, a frame company or even a photography business could pass out custom imprinted screwdrivers. The clients will get a kick out of such a unique promotional twist. That’s right, promotional screwdrivers aren’t only for construction companies and maintenance men (though they work fantastically in those circumstances too!).

Promotional Screwdrivers For Gals Too!

We have imprinted custom promotional screwdrivers that come with magnetic blades to help decrease the incident of dropping your screws. You simply hold the screw in place and if you accidently lose your grip, the screwdriver will take up the work for you. They do the exact same thing with advertising your business – making a small investment is your part, and the tools will end up marketing your business for you. It’s like having hundreds of extra advertising employees working for you around the clock!