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Promotional Tape Measures

So it’s not a new or exciting hi tech promotional gift but oh what an impactful leader is the promotional Tape Measures.  It is among the most popular trade show and special event giveaways filling very  promotional product criteria—functionality, longevity, used by many in varied venues for years, gender friendly, easily distributed, boldly showcase your identity, and reasonably priced. The soft tape designs are practical and hang around displaying your logo for years at home, in the office, in the sewing basket, cars, weight watching centers or anyone keeping track of bothersome pounds or anything with a circumference and always when hanging a picture. Rugged and firm metal promotional Tape Measures are designed to meet the needs of building constructors, interior designers, the tool box, home and garage. Printed in inch and metric increments, some with a carabiner clip to attach to a belt or loop, they are retractable and some with additional combo features at our exciting low prices.

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Tape Measures Can Be a Great Promotional Item

Like many other marketing products, promotional Tape Measures address a need that many clients have while also positively and productively advertising your business. They are incredibly inexpensive but they present a professional look and design, they are functional, and they actively promote your business day after day. It makes sense why imprinted Promotional Tape Measures are so successful at advertising your business.

Promotional Tape Measures Offer Optional Combos To Enhance Your Gift Or Handout

We have a number of different and interesting options available for your needs. Many of our promotional Tape Measures come with key chain attachments so that you can always be ready to measure something should the need arise. Many professionals are constantly grabbing for  promotional Tape Measures to make sure that household items will fit where the homeowner wishes them to be, or measuring twice and cutting once when it comes to supplies. They are also used often outside of the office by people that are interested in seeing how tall their children have grown, how many plants they can put in their garden bed, and if their new couch will fit against the living room wall. As you can see, imprinted promotional Tape Measures are a great giveaway gift because so many people need to measure something on a daily basis.

Other options of custom promotional Tape Measures include a built in level, a lock mechanism to hold the tape in place, and options that are specifically designed to measure the diameter of objects. Those are perfect for someone that is looking for a way to keep track of inches lost during their weight loss endeavors and is also great for doctors and nurses who need to measure newborn and growing children, just to name a few. We also have more elaborate options that come with a notepad and a small pencil and are stored right in the apparatus itself. If that’s not enough, then we also have promotional tape measures that are shaped like apples, cares, hearts, light bulbs and more! This makes it easy for any industry to use promotional Tape Measures to market their business.

Order For A Large Crowd At Your Next Big Event, Promotional Tape Measures Are Inexpensive and a Crowd Drawing Handout

Of course the price also makes personalized Promotional Tape Measures so desirable. With such a low price tag you will be able to afford more items to help you continually market your business. At your next trade show or convention, you can pass out your promotional Tape Measures with ease while knowing that your corporate bank account never had to suffer in the process. You will bring more people to your booth as a result, which also benefits your bank account. If you have a lot of employees and want to cut down on costs for this year’s year end gift but you aren’t willing to sacrifice on the quality, then these items are exactly what you need.

Our selection is extensive, so you if you have an item in mind that you’d love to help promote your business, but you’re not sure if we have it in stock, then contact us today and we’d be happy to help you along the way!  Our promotional Tape Measures have a proven success record.