Promotional Umbrellas

Clientele and employees will be singing and swinging in the rain (or blazing sun) appreciating the added confidence of your custom imprinted Promotional Umbrellas. We have a wide selection of sizes, features and construction materials of these great items from which to choose and have found our most popular to be the convenient smaller, foldable designs with matching sleeves that fit easily into a tote bag or even a purse and the larger, sturdier golf style to ensure a few sprinkles never allowed to interfere with your recipients precious tee time.  The larger styles are also great for a camping trip or trip to the beach and in inclement weather can be a canopy for more than one. Our high quality sturdy and constructed with many outstanding features including resistance to wind a gusty conditions (some up to 50 MPH) in bold and sophisticated colors, with your company name or brand showing off everywhere they go. Our collection includes standard umbrellas of all dimensions and construction materials, patio umbrellas and we have canopies in this category. Our prices are not just good, they’re awesome.

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Use Promotional Umbrellas For Your Brand

Promotional Umbrellas leave no stone unturned when it comes to marketing your business. With millions of promotional items to choose from, we have everything you need to advertise your business, including promotional items that you didn’t even know you could put your brand name on! Check out our selection of practical, professional and wacky items that all work toward the common goal of promoting your brand to as many people possible. Luckily, Promotional Umbrellas fall into all three categories; they are useful, they look sharp and we have a lot of unique options that are available and ready to get the attention of hundreds of people every day.

In some areas of the United States the rain can be a constant and steady occurrence. For example, did you know that in some parts of the Pacific Northwest it rains, on average, for just about 50% of the year? Sometimes even more! That’s just one reason why Promotional Umbrellas are a great item to invest in. Because Promotional Umbrellas are designed to be used outside (though we’re certain that someone has found a need for an umbrella indoors!), you can be certain that you will come across a great many people that will notice your logo. Better yet, you will come across a great many people who haven’t before seen your brand. And that is a good thing, because everybody is a potential client when it comes to business. You never know who will see your logo while in need of services you offer. And you never know when your company name will pop in to someone’s mind at just the right time.

Use Promotional Umbrellas To Keep You Dry

Promotional Umbrellas are not small, and because of such they have a spacious imprinting area. That means that your logo will be front and center and is sure to never be missed even in the dreariest of climates. We also have two-toned umbrellas that come in a variety of colors, as well as extra wide options with a canopy design that is square shaped and resistant to wind damage. We even have one that can withstand gusts up to 55 mph. That’s a sturdy umbrella! If you are looking for something that is a little more discreet, then we have foldable travelling umbrellas that come with an imprinted, zippered case to hold your umbrella.

Promotional Umbrellas Will Keep Your Brand Out There

The great thing about promotional products is that advertising experts agree that the more mundane items work the best at advertising a business. So save your money on the big, fancy billboards and reach your clients by using items like Promotional Umbrellas. They work so well because consumers are much more likely to trust the word of mouth of a friend or acquaintance before blindly trusting a brand they don’t know. Plus, just coming into contact with a brand one time starts that relationship of trust and familiarity.

Custom imprinted Promotional Umbrellas are the way to go.