Custom Printed Walking Sticks

Custom Printed Walking Sticks

Take our custom printed walking sticks and since the early days of humans men and women have relied on sticks and staffs to get around for hiking, walking and of course balance. In the legend of Robin Hood Friar Tuck carried a staff, in mythology a staff was a symbol of wisdom, carried by old men and since then the walking stick has become a similar object of status.

Men used to carry swords they were a symbol of power but in the eighteenth century, when it became less fashionable to carry such weapons, they were replaced by fancy sticks, still often containing a sword or dagger for protection. The stick itself was a sheath for the sword but its decorative appearance was not only deceiving but also a point of interest to observers. These were known as ‘sword sticks’ but in some European countries they were, and still are,illegal because they contained a concealed weapon. Check out our selection of our custom printed walking sticks.

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Branding With Custom Printed Walking Sticks

Despite Custom Printed Walking Sticks not actually being made from cane in North America they are still called canes. Canes became popular expression of friendship and respect and given as gifts, such as between Benjamin Franklin to George Washington. That famous stick is now in the Smithsonian museum, viewed by thousands every year.

Promote With Custom Printed Walking Sticks

Custom Printed Walking Sticks and canes make perfect corporate gifts or free giveaways for your customers. You can appeal to a huge cross-section of the public by offering different styles and types of stick or cane. Let’s suppose you own a camping and hiking store. Instead of the regular canes or Custom Printed Walking Sticks you can emboss your company logo on them with a phone number to call in emergencies, such as a local park ranger station. You might be surprised at how many hikers get caught out in bad weather in the most obscure You can create a walking stick to promote your own company and put a 3D model of your company logo as part of the handle.

Custom Printed Walking Sticks Have A Large Imprint Area

That is a subtle way of making people remember your company because the animal, car, telephone or other object you use will stick in people’s minds. However, it is also important to put something on the stick to make people smile. Clever quotes are always a hit, as is anything that makes people laugh. It has been documented many times that when people are given something for nothing they get the feel good factor. We have all received free pens, pencils, desk ornaments and things that advertise companies and we tend to remember them when they catch our eye or have a connection to one of our hobbies or interests. If you are not sure of your selection take a look at the promotional  of locations but have no clue who to call for help apart from 911.

Promotional strategy is widely used in marketing these days and you can benefit from clever marketing ideas and promotional items like  yardsticks by speaking out to us. Our prices are the lowest available anywhere and we can offer you a prompt and friendly service.  Give us a call and order your Custom Printed Walking Sticks today!