Custom Walking Sticks

Custom Walking Sticks

Take our custom walking sticks and when a wine company came to us one time, looking for promotion ideas we thought about it for a while and then came up with some suggestions. First, we thought about wine itself and the components of the bottle. We had to think of an idea that would represent the wine but not advertise alcohol at the main product. We looked around at clever ideas we could use to incorporate their company logo onto something that people might use on a daily basis and that’s when it hit us. Custom Walking Sticks. Yep, we chose custom printed walking sticks with a cork handle but one that looked trendy and modern and more like a hiking stick. The cork handle would have the wine company’s name and number on it as well as different styles of tips to match the various different products they made. The stick would be also be collapsible so as to take up less room and the handle would have a wrist strap that had the company name on it. We thought that was a clever idea because people always seem to have a fascination for custom walking sticks.

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Custom Walking Sticks Are A Great Promotional Item

Custom Walking Sticks are also very versatile as promotional items because custom walking sticks can literally be printed to made to look like anything. They can be twisty, stripy, painted, luminous, and shiny or they can be made from wood, aluminum, or carbon fiber, among other materials. The handles can be curved in the old fashioned way, a carved snake, eagle, T-knob, door knob style or many other options. This gives rise to their further versatility for other promotions and opens the door to hundreds of other ideas for different kinds of company to use.

Promote Your Company With Custom Walking Sticks

Any company can use the idea of a walking cane or hiking stick to promote themselves in a profession and crafty way. If the company has a slogan they can simply apply that to the item with a phone number. Camping stores and outdoor pursuit stores can use them as giveaways to their customers, but also, they make ideal corporate gifts for clients too. That custom walking sticks will quickly become a business card that the customer carries with them, without it stuffing out their pockets.

Custom Walking Sticks Will Be Your Ticket To Success

For our wine company we decided it would be a good idea to have plenty of these promotional cork handle walking sticks to give away at a local wine festival being held in a nearby city. At the time, other wine companies were giving away buttons, pencils and key rings, but when the company we worked with gave away a wine bag with a bottle of wine they found they sold out far quicker than many others. In fact, we got a re-order two weeks later because they were heading to another festival and wanted more. It really is all about being the lowest price in the market but still coming up with the perfect product of the highest quality. Be sure to take a peak at our yardsticks and promotional rulers as we have the same great pricing on these items as well. Call today to order your custom walking sticks.