Promotional Yardsticks

Promotional yardsticks a necessary tool for an ordinary chore becomes a welcomed trade show handout, a home improvement or builders’ show giveaway and appreciated as your “remember me” handout at any special event when the ample display area is enhanced with your brand or logo on one or both sides. A handy, practical and well used tool printed in inch and metric increments, constructed in narrow to wide widths, on a 1/4” or 3/8” thick surface in subdued or vibrant colors, clear lacquer, or natural woods. Displaying your logo or brand on cost effective to hang around for years of extended cheap advertising.

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Promotional Yardsticks A Trade Show Favorite

Did you know that promotional yardsticks have been a favorite trade show promotional giveaway for over ninety years? With such a large area to advertise on, time after time businesses have contributed a part of their success to a well thought out promotional item like custom promotional yardsticks.

Many of our customers come to Save on Promotional Products to buy promotional items for trade shows. Successful businessmen know that having a booth at a trade show dramatically increases their exposure to the public and offers a great way to showcase their product and visually display what their business is all about. Not only are you able to present your product to a diverse group of people in a relatively short amount of time, you will make the all-important first impression on consumers, and we all know that first impressions need to outshine your competitor’s in the business world. Those same profitable businessmen also know that a great giveaway brings interest to your booth. That’s why, year after year, they choose the crowd favorite: Best Selling Yardsticks 90999.

Everyone loves freebies. There is something wonderful about going to a donut store and munching on a complimentary glazed donut while you select your dozen assorted sweets. Or picking up a few free paint stirrers when deciding on the new color for your bathroom. Whatever the item may be, people love free. But if you really want to impress your consumer, you should provide them with something that is also incredibly useful. If you look to where the trade show patrons are flocking, you will see them head right over to the booths that are handing out quality products that can be used with a purpose. What is more practical than promotional yardsticks? Whether you use it at home to measure your growing child or at your landscaping job to help you properly space out plants, they will always come in handy.

Promotional Yardsticks

So you have consumers at your booth with promotional yardsticks adorned with your company name, logo and contact information in hand. What do they end up doing? Buying your product! Customers are more likely to stay and listen to your presentation when you have taken the time to provide them with a superior gift like our promotional yardsticks. Why? Because it shows them that you care. This illustrates to them that your product or service will also be as topnotch as your gift was.

While people are walking around looking at other booths, they will be holding your yardstick for thousands of people to see. They can’t be easily hidden in a bag, away from the public eye, but they are still lightweight and very easy to carry. So with each step, someone else will be advertising your services while you sit back and enjoy the results!

Custom yardsticks are a great choice for so many professions. From teachers to hardware stores, they are one of the best ways to measure success. Buy yours today!

Promotional Yardsticks can there be a more commonly used tool by clients of all ages, in all walks of life and it is an item that has certainly withstood the test of time. Measuring sticks probably predate Anglo-Saxon times but it took until the early twentieth century to emerge as a great advertising tool and have in more recent years made a dynamic impression on the Promotional Products industry.

Promotional Yardsticks Are Number One

Why, you ask. Well, they are such a handy, practical, and well proven tool and sometime or other everyone has to measure up. They provide a significant display area for your logo or message, they come in a range of materials, the color selections vary to compliment your logo or brand enhancement, they are a more reasonably priced Promo item like Promotional Yardsticks which is used universally, and one more very important and desirable feature, these measuring tools are “Made in the USA”.

Go that extra yard with a timeless favorite promotional yardsticks for an impressive handout at your next trade show whether it be a home improvement show, a builder’s show, a convention or any special event. Our marketing staff is experienced and ready to assist you in selecting the right yardstick or ruler for your event and will help select the best item with a display area to suit your name or logo and help in the color selection to best coordinate with your logo or message color. Our selection of yardsticks includes the popular natural wood finishes, in a bright neon color or a more subdued shade or the very popular enameled wood surfaces. They are constructed from quality lumber to insure a quality end product for your promotional products dollar. Take a look at what some of our customers have chosen folding yardsticks natural finish or the Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999.

Promotional Yardsticks Are The Best

Our selection of promotional yardsticks includes a wide variety of finishes from the vibrantly colored to the more subdued color range or clear lacquer finished woods, natural woods, and in the standard 1/4” or 3/8” more heavy duty thickness, or in narrow to extra wide widths. The wider width item is a wise selection with the added advertising or message space with the extra advantage of placing the advertising imprint on either one or both sides. We carry a variety of walking sticks with the wrist strap in our category.

Our selection also includes the three-section folding 36” yardsticks in natural, custom, or fluorescent colors and they are printed in “inch” or “metric” increments. Added details to be considered in your selection is whether or not you want a “hang” hole at the end of the stick or whether you want metal tipped ends on the stick for increased longevity. Our experienced marketing staff stands by ready to work with you. They will be sure your customization is tweaked to perfectly fit your measuring stick selection in the most visible and professional way while still meeting your budget. If you are not sure of your selection take a look at the walking sticks natural finish or the heavy duty yardsticks natural finish.

To coordinate with our wide variety of promotional yardsticks we also carry a full line of custom printed rulers. Like the promotional yardsticks they are a cost-effective promotional product with great potential for displaying your logo and contact details on one side or both sides. They are available in wood and plastic, in a natural or lacquer finish and in wood tone, fluorescent or neon colors. The rulers come in 6”, 12” and 15” sizes and with increments imprinted in, standard inches or in the metric system. The ruler is a handy advertisement tool for any desk and not only for measuring purposes displaying your contact details but also think of it when so often a straight edge is what you need. It becomes a quick conversion tool when both inch and metric increments are printed down the edges. Think of it too as a standard tool in your briefcase where a ruler or folding promotional yardstick can easily be tucked in. Every desk or work station needs one. There are so many purposes for a relatively inexpensive gift continuously displaying your logo and contact details for years and years to come. The custom ruler is a handy size for a promotional product gift and a welcome handout for conventions, trade shows, and academic events. Check us out—out friendly pricing will surprise you.

Promotional Yardsticks Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

The yardstick is an impressive handout for your special event or trade show. The promotional yardstick, walking stick, or ruler is an economically inexpensive entry into the promotional products industry and it’s an item displaying your logo or message that will be hanging around for years. It is a real bang for your promotional products buck that carries unsurpassed longevity. You will find our pricing is always formulated to be the very best and our experienced staff looks forward to working with you to ensure you are satisfied with the finished product.

Promotional Yardsticks Just Get It Done

The Save on Promotional Products marketing staff awaits the opportunity to assist you with a choice from our full line of measuring tools. Many years of experience in our huge variety of promotional product gifts enables them to introduce you to our wide range of offerings from wearable items to promotional yardsticks and many more to build your advertising inventory. They will never lose sight of your desire to get that big bang for your advertising bucks and ensure you are more than satisfied with the resulting ROI. Thank you for browsing our site. We look forward to hearing from you.