Custom Printed Enamel Yardsticks

Custom Printed Enamel Yardsticks

Gain name recognition with Promotional Products like our custom printed enamel yardsticks that has all the qualities of a good choice promotional giveaway. It is a quality product and one of its most important promotional features is that the product is useful and functional for the recipient.  The ample imprint area is showy and will display your contact information beautifully and for years to come.   Save On Promotional Products pricing is an important attribute.  We highlight our low pricing and ensure it is always the budget friendliest.

Don’t underestimate the value of promotional product advertising.  Your audience of clients and potential clients love to be remembered with gifts and freebies.  Appropriate quality gifts that get used frequently and when not in use get stored where they remind your clients and potential clients of you and your products or services regularly to emblazon your name in their memory when your services might be needed.  Custom printed enamel yardsticks are useful and a welcomed gift.  They have survived the test of time dating way back to the Anglo Saxon era emerging in the mid nineteen hundreds as an outstanding promotional product. They have risen in the industry to be among top promotional contenders, continuing their winning ways when it comes to drumming up business, consistently increasing the customer base and having an impressive positive effect on the bottom line.  A great advertising tool, so order your custom printed enamel yardsticks right now.

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Custom Printed Enamel Yardsticks

Giving away custom printed enamel yardsticks is undoubtedly a step above the competition.  The enamel finished ones are relatively new to the promotional product industry which will be an advantage that you can count on to catch the eye and get the attention desired by your handout. They are manufactured in a high quality wood composition which is also an excellent printing canvas for your branding, your identity, message or meaningful slogan. An custom printed enamel yardsticks puts this yardstick in a class of its own.  Enamel is a term used to reference a finish with a hard, glossy and opaque finish, characterized by a hard washable and glossy finish.  Additionally an enamel yardstick surface finish is great to use on wooden products due to its waterproof and rot proof resistance.  A surface finished with enamel paint is generally more durable and will outlast those without the enameled surfacing.

Custom Printed Enamel Yardsticks Are A Best Seller

The custom printed enamel yardsticks are from 5/32” thick to 1/4” thick (for the more heavy duty options) and 1-1/8”W x 36”L in overall size, and constructed from quality lumber. You can choose to have it finished with metal ends installed during construction for protection from damaging or distorting the ends which could influence measurement accuracy. You can choose to have an end hole drilled at the top end to hang the stick for easy retrieval and storage when needed and to benefit you it will constantly be displaying your identity to all passers by while just hanging there and  putting subtle memories in their mind for the time they may need your product or service. We are always  proud when we can say this product is Made in the USA.

Custom Printed Enamel Yardsticks Imprinted With Your Logo

Imprinting is done in English inch calibrations. The logo or message text can be up to 110 characters and spaces long but not to exceed 35″ (font choice and size may influence this number) and up to 1/2″ high. Color defaults to black on these yardsticks, however, multi color choices are optional but no close registration. Another item to consider is the custom printed enamel yardsticks.  The high quality finish on this item puts it in a class of its own for those who prefer the more compact tri fold measuring stick.

Brand With Custom Printed Enamel Yardsticks

With the custom printed enamel yardsticks, your branding images will be assured of longevity and clarity. These custom measuring sticks are the ideal tools in home improvement tasks and excellent for professionals as well. Supply them as gift and giveaway ideas in office supply stores, hardware and DIY outlets, and even at company events to show your appreciation to your prospective and loyal customers and your valued employees. Another creative distribution trick is to donate a supply to community affairs or benefits where they can be used as prizes or handouts and watch your return on that investment grow as your name recognition grows, your emblazoned yardsticks will be showing up all over town billboarding your identity.  Because of their definitive role in the lives of recipients, giving promotional enamel yardsticks is a good move to boost your recognition and ROI. Order your custom printed enamel yardsticks today.


Save On Promotional Products is eager to hear from you.  We can get an order for the bright and colorful, Made in the USA, enamel yardsticks started today.