Custom Printed Meter Sticks

Custom Printed Meter Sticks

Custom printed meter sticks are a historically proven successful marketing tool when customized with your brand, motto or logo and distributed at Trade Shows or Home and Garden events or a trade show audience of tailors or alterationists.  Everyone loves a “Freebie” and Personalized Yardstick gifts have led the industry when it comes to exciting new clients and businesses.  Such promotional advertising is influential in meeting your ROI goals and increasing your customer base.  Thanks to distributing as many custom printed meter sticks as you can will grow your company.

Measuring tools have survived the test of time, dating back to Anglo Saxon times.  Yardsticks seem to have broken through in the promotional products market in the mid twentieth century and custom printed meter sticks have since emerged as a popular trade show and convention type handout which has developed into a HOT choice for big event giveaways.  Save On Promotional Products is a one stop promotional shopping center. Our thousands of top quality and exciting gifting products include many different designs and features in many completely different category choices so there is no end to your options.  The big problem is making thai final decision on the best choice for your client audience.

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Custom Printed Meter Sticks

If you are new to promotional advertising, jumping right in with Custom Printed Meter Sticks which will get you started on the right foot.  You can get your feet wet with minimal investment and distribute large quantities to clients, potential clients, employees, community affairs and charities who will love getting the useful freebie.   Flood your area with your custom printed product and you will be able to see for yourself the rewards and benefits achieved through subtle promotional advertising.

There are so many uses for the more Custom Printed Meter Sticks. For those who never could draw a straight line, they will be right there to help with their straightedge or work on architectural and mechanical drawings, or even measure first to be sure that new appliance will fit in its designated space.  It will be helpful in many everyday tasks by measuring first to avoid the trial and error fitting methods which can be so aggravating and time consuming.


We will blow you away with our complete line of useful and creative superior  quality promotional products.  Custom Printed Meter Sticks have proven to be a best seller for their long and useful service.  The popular wooden models are 3/8” thicker than the standard yardstick which increases its usefulness.  The Custom Printed Meter Sticks are proudly Made in the USA which is a deal maker for many.  They are 36”L x 1-1/8”W x 3/8” thick with a 35”L x 1/2”W  with a showy imprint area to proudly showoff  your brand, name,message or slogan  and duplicate that same customized imprinted front and back.  The imprint can contain up to 110 characters, 1/2” high, for an impressive and very visible exposure.  A super billboard to showoff your identity to your client and everyone in proximity!


We have found the Custom Printed Meter Sticks to be a very successful promotional choice.   Everyone can use a yardstick, and their price range will fit any budget.  The quality manufacturing stick has a history of longevity handling every measuring application sent their way. The imprint areas on front and back double the exposure properties of the item and they are easily distributed to a crowd who is eager to receive them.  The Custom Printed Meter Sticks models are made of wood, plastic or metal.  Metal yardsticks are most often constructed with a bonded friction backing to prevent slippage when trying to get an accurate measurement.   We have found metal sticks to probably be the most popular for a workshop environment.  Plastic yardstick molds often have the measurement markings designed right into the mold so those markings become part of  the blank product during manufacture and the raised markings are later highlighted in colors for easy visibility.   Because of possible damage to the ends of the wooden yardsticks which can distort an accurate measurement, a metal protective tip is often installed during manufacture to avoid the ends ever getting banged up.

Another simple but very convenient feature of the Custom Printed Meter Sticks are a hang hole which is drilled at the top end of the stick used for easy storage and easy access, ensuring any user will be able to reach for it and find it in its familiar storage location.  It’s a great advertising tool because when it’s being used or when it’s is just hanging around, it is always boldly displaying your identity, a benefit that goes on for years and years.


We are eager to see you receive and enjoy the benefits and rewards of promotional advertising so give us a call and we will get a Custom Printed Meter Sticks order started for you today.