Custom Printed Yardsticks

Custom Printed Yardsticks

Custom Printed Yardsticks are manufactured in various designs, materials, lengths, colors, and have a very desirable longevity.  They come in an ultra desirable price range, and are proudly made right here in the USA, which are two very significant attributes keeping them so popular in the “promo” world.  Yardsticks are a promotional tool used by guys and gals of all ages and in all walks of life, measuring tools are for everyone and used so often, thy have withstood the test of time probably since before the Anglo Saxon time.  Since the mid twentieth century they have been positioned and continue to grow in the promotional product scene.

Strictly speaking, custom printed yardsticks are a straightedge for ruling straight lines,  which also displays calibrated lines for measuring distances. The typical yardstick is used for a quick measure to be sure something will fit before laboriously using the trial and error approach to moving furniture or ensuring something will fit through a door and, of course, its capability to assist in producing straight edges is unmatched.  The larger scale home and furniture building applications are more frequently left to carpenters folding style measuring tools, large and very accurate tape measures or measuring rods, all of which Save On Promotions Products has in our vast collection offering many desirable choices.

The yardstick, used to physically measure up to 36 inches or up to 0.9144 meters.  Our best selling yardsticks are the 36” long by 1-1/8” wide by 5/32” thick with an impressive 35” by 1/2” wide imprint area on both sides (displaying the same message on both sides).  Your brand, logo, message or slogan can have up to 110 characters, a half inch high, to billboard your custom imprint. Some custom printed yardsticks have a protective metal tip on the ends to ensure accuracy and prolong longevity.   Many of our custom printed yardsticks are designed with a hang hole to ensure it is always in its place when needed and will display your brand or message as it is hanging on its hook for all to see for years by guys and gals of all ages.

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Custom Printed Yardsticks

Custom Printed Yardsticks are most often made of wood, plastic or metal (metal yardsticks often have a friction enhancer bonded to the back such as cork for better adherence). Metal sticks are the popular choice for a tougher workshop environment.  Here in the United States and many other countries yardsticks are calibrated in inches, however, in Canada, United Kingdom, France and several other countries yardstick calibrations are done with the metric system markings and referred to a meter sticks.  The extensive growth of foreign trade in the last century has made showing both the metric and inch calibrations on the stick is very helpful and has caught on as a popular conversion tool. Order Your custom printed yardsticks today!

Custom Printed Yardsticks Are Unique Tools

I’m going to pass on another interesting story that brings yardsticks into the “hobby” category.  I heard about this fellow who as a life-long craftsman had never intended to become a yardstick collector though he had a love and appreciation for interesting, unique pieces and was impressed with the marriage of function and art.  During extensive travels in France he came across a tool museum that got his adrenalin flowing with its rooms full of antique and unique tools.  He got into the yardstick collection room and it had an unbelievable impact and his interest just took off.  He visited antique malls during his extensive tours and picked up special yardsticks, his collection now reaching over 2,000.  The record so far as he knew was actually someone he met with a collection of over 5,000, and each was categorized recording the imprint on each and where it was found and any other interesting details he could dig up.  This museum collection is displayed still showcasing brands and names long after they were originated.

Custom Printed Yardsticks Are Phenomenal

Custom Printed Yardsticks are a promotional phenomenal!   These mostly made in the USA promotional products are manufactured by the millions here and are given away free as billboards to enhance name recognition by businesses who want to gift an item that is useful, priced to accommodate large handouts and lasts a long time to prolong the brand or logo exposure.  They are frequently the gift of choice for building supply houses, lumberyards, and many more including even political candidates, relators, insurance companies and any organization that would like to gain additional brand recognition.  Custom printed yardsticks display your brand and are a constant reminder of your name, product and services as it hangs conveniently located for easy access always continuing to billboard your identity for years.

Even with new and always improving electronic measuring devices there remains a need for the simple custom printed yardstick for a quick measurement to help choose the right carton size to fit an application or will that bed go through the door. Custom printed yardstick owners have become very creative, using their sticks as blackboard or whiteboard pointers, straightedges, works of art, or used to line up a picture frame.  So long as they are getting used or even just hanging they are exposing your identity to expose your identity.

You can depend on Save OnPromotional Products as your one stop shopping center.  We not only have a full line of custom printed yardsticks but a collection of outstanding promotional products to add excitement to any promotional campaign.  Call us to get your order rolling of custom printed yardsticks.