Custom Yardsticks

Custom Yardsticks

Save On Promotional Products is your one stop shopping center for creative, unique and items like custom yardsticks that are everyday useable promotional products that are used by most people in their daily life and items that improve the lives in some way for clients, potential clients and employees. The custom yardsticks often used as a straightedge or to physically measure up to 36 inches or up to 0.9144 meters. Custom Yardsticks are one promotional tool most used by all ages and in all walks of life.

Measuring is for everyone from primary school to commercial and everyday uses so they have a  significant user base.  An item used so frequently and by so many that it has withstood the test of time and in one form another has probably been measuring up since pre Anglo Saxon times. Since the early twentieth century yardsticks have grown in popularity as an imprinted promotional product exposing company names and phone numbers on the broad imprint location available on one or both sides of the tool.

The custom yardsticks are most often made of wood, plastic or metal (metal yardsticks often have a friction enhancer bonded to the back such as cork for added stability.  Plastics have an advantage of being moldable with length markings instead of being otherwise marked.  Metal is popular for the more durable workshop environment.  In the US and many  other countries the promotional yardsticks are marked in inches (36” to the yard). however, in Canada and France along with several other countries markings are in the metric system (one metro with 100 centimeters and 100 millimeters are common) and are often referred to as meter sticks or meter rulers. Often custom yardsticks show both the metric and inch markings making it a handy conversion table.

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Custom Yardsticks

Take  our custom yardsticks and the story I have heard about someone who is a life-long craftsman but had never intended to become a yardstick collector though he had always had a soft spot for beautiful tools. When visiting tool museums, he was particularly impressed with the marriage of function and art.  He once visited a museum in France that blew him away with its many rooms filled with antique tools from rustic to luxury  and extremely unique items.   Who would think a simple yardstick would have such an impact but from there it just took off.  He took breaks in his extensive travels to visit antique malls and pick up custom yardsticks, would you believe the collection is now over 2,000 but that’s no record.  He  met someone who has over 5,000 yardsticks in his collection and they were all categorized and recorded describing the imprint on each and where they were purchased, now that is dedication and organization.  They are now a museum collection where the imprints live on billboarding the imprint for eternity.

Custom Yardsticks Are An American Phenomenon

Custom Yardsticks are an American phenomenon!  Promotional custom yardsticks or meter sticks are manufactured  here by the millions, given away (all for free) as advertising and name recognition promotions by lumberyards, political candidates, relators, insurance companies and anyone that wants to increase their name recognition.  Custom yardsticks or meter sticks billboard your name and are a reminder of your products and services while hanging from their precut hanging hole in the home, office or work station for many years.

Custom Yardsticks For Unique and Creative Uses

Manufacturing has improved over the centuries and as actual accurate measuring tools some have been upgraded to tape measures and some have even gone to electrical devices when accuracy is essential.  But the need for Promotional Tools lives on for a quick measure or to see if something is going to fit without going through the laborious trial and error tactics.  Custom yardstick owners have found some unique and creative uses, many not directly related to measuring such as those used as works of art, a blackboard or whiteboard pointer, wainscoting and more.  Whatever the use, they continue to do their job, advertising your brand.

Custom Yardsticks Display Your identiy

We have found our best selling custom yardsticks are the popular 36” long x 1-1/8” wide x 5/32” thick with a large imprint area, 35” long x 1/2” wide, with the same message on both sides.  It will accommodate up to 110 characters, 1/2” high to billboard your logo or message on a tool used for many years by both guys and gals of all ages.  Many are equipped with a hole to hang the promotional yardstick within easy eyesight to display your identity for many years.  Often to even improve their extensive longevity, some custom yardsticks are designed with a metal tip to protect the ends for more accurate measurements (that is what taking a measurement is all about).


Promotional custom yardsticks are manufactured in various designs, materials, lengths, colors, they have desired longevity, come in a desirable price range, and are proudly made right here in the USA.    Strictly speaking, they are essentially a straightedge used to rule lines,  and display calibrated lines to measure distances. The typical yardstick is used for smaller than large scale infrastructure work like furniture, homes, and larger scale applications which more often are handled by a carpenters folding style measuring stick, longer measuring rods or larger tape measurement tools of which Save On Promotions Products is well equipped with a nice selections for your consideration.

Don’t Sell These Custom Yardsticks Short

Don’t sell the simple boldly imprinted promotional custom yardsticks short as a promotional campaign.  They are priced for large quantity investments and the more you handout the more community recognition you will achieve.  They are great hand outs for large groups like trade shows, conventions and anywhere you want to be sure your identification is a visible reminder of your product and services.  A custom yardstick donation to a community affair will spread your name and your thoughtful goodwill throughout the area. Everyone has to measure something on occasion  keeping this functional household, jobsite, and commercial tool actively visible. Call Save On Promotional Products so we can get your order of custom yardsticks started today for a surprising return on investment, it will be a great bang for your marketing bucks.