Folding Yardsticks

Folding Yardsticks

For a new and exciting twist on a trade show or big event gift or handout, think about customized folding yardsticks.  These custom measuring tools are an excellent billboard for your branding in a spacious 10” wide x 1/2” high imprint area on this tri fold yardstick which means you can use 35 characters and spaces to display your message on each of the three sections. Many who find the flat yardstick a bit cumbersome to have handy when on location would welcome the tri fold design folding yardsticks that when folded is only 12″ W x .50″H x 1.13″D and conveniently fits in a tool box to have along anywhere you take the tool box.

Growth in the market requires a plan and if your plan is to gain recognition as a super power with promotional advertising strategies you have to step up and make a quality product choice that will be useful and functional to your clientele.  Being frequently functional is a very important factor to keep your identity always in mind, choosing folding yardsticks will survive years of service enabling it to billboard your identity for a maximum lifelong exposure and a top promotional choice has to be appealing and often colorful to keep the full attention of your user.  We have found that going for the most unique new item is not necessarily the best choice.  Yes, it does attract attention but it can be a bit more risky.  When starting out you might want to stick with the tried and true office, work shop, home or vehicle items that have proven promotional advertising history with maybe a slight updating twist. Order your folding yardsticks today!

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Folding Yardsticks

The folding yardstick is certainly a rare trade show or convention handout but a perfect fit.  In addition to the trade show crowd, its ideal for hardware stores, tailor and alteration shops, company events, schools, hospitals and medical centers, and certainly construction companies and everyone’s tool box.  The enamel finished product comes in vibrant blue, green, red, white and yellow.  The natural wood finished yardsticks are available in natural wood tones and also the vivid colors of white, blue, red, yellow, green and natural wood finishes.  The imprint is done in a spacious location on each section and our pricing includes it being done in one location on each of the three sections, however, additional locations are available at a slight additional charge.

USA Made Folding Yardsticks

The Folding Yardsticks are manufactured in the USA and is nothing more than a 36” straightedge with calibrated measurement markings, enhanced with your customization on all three sections.  It actually measures 36 inches in length or 0.09144 meters.  Yardsticks intended for use in the USA and several other countries are most frequently calibrated in English inches.  The United Kingdom and several other European countries almost exclusively measure distance, weight, and temperatures in the metric system which, of course, incorporates meter markings.  Those yardsticks are often referred to as Meter sticks. Even Canada, our closest neighbor, uses the metro system but in a few areas like measuring spaces may in some parts of the country use the English inch system too.  Foreign trade markets has popularized a dual marked English inches and Metric numbers on the same folding yardsticks are a popular item here in the USA and in Canada where it doubles as a convenient conversion table.

Folding Yardsticks Are A Superior Giveaway

For both indoor and outdoor home improvement tasks, the folding yardstick comes in handy.  They have turned out to be superior giveaway items at home and garden shows, trade shows, builders conventions and are a great handout especially for hardware and supply stores and you will be favorably remembered for gifting such a functional and convenient tool to take the place of the long harder to transport flat yardstick.  Both the flat and folding products have a popular place in our society but the Folding Yardstick wins hands down when it come to transporting it to locations.  The colors are attractive and consider the brilliant neon fluorescents, they will grab attention and so will your identity be grabbed and tucked in memory as well. We look forward to your call and stand by ready to assist with your folding yardsticks order.