Heavy Duty Yardsticks

Heavy Duty Yardsticks

Heavy Duty Yardsticks are a successful marketing tool emblazoned with your brand, message or slogan and distributed to all comers at your next trade show or big convention type event.   Heavy Duty Yardsticks have been industry leaders that continue their winning ways when it comes to drumming up new business and meeting your goals of substantial returns on your investment and an increased customer base.  That’s what promotional advertising is all about.

Measuring tools have survived the test of time, dating back to Anglo Saxon times.  They made a breakthrough into the promotional products market in the mid twentieth century and have emerged as a forerunner in trade show and convention type event handouts.  If you are new to promotional advertising, consider jumping right in and Heavy Duty Yardsticks are a fantastic starting point.  You can get your feet wet with a minimal investment and distribute large quantities to clients, potential clients, employees, community affairs and charities to flood your area and you will see for yourself the rewards and benefits derived from subtle promotional advertising. There are so many uses for the more durable Heavy Duty Yardstick. It can help draw a straight line or work on architectural drawings, or even check to see if that piano is going to fit through the door and so many other everyday needs to avoid laborious trial and error tactics. order your heavy duty yardsticks today!

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Heavy Duty Yardsticks

Heavy Duty Yardsticks are tools that everyone needs and uses frequently.  They have survived the test of time having been used in one form or another through hundreds of years and actually broke into the promotional products advertising field as recently as the mid twentieth century and have become a HOT choice for big event giveaways.  Let Save On Promotional Products be your one stop shopping center.  We have so many categories of exciting promotional items, we are sure to help make your next promotional campaign a huge success.

A Proven Winner Heavy Duty Yardsticks

We carry a complete line of useful, creative and uniquely outstanding high quality promotional products.  The Heavy Duty Yardstick has proven to be a best seller for large and small event gifts. The popular wooden models are 3/8” thicker than the standard yardstick and that extra depth works wonders.  The Heavy Duty Yardsticks are 36”L x 1-1/8”W x 1/4” thick with a 35”L x 1/2”W very showy imprint area to billboard your brand or name and a message or slogan with that same imprint printed on both the back and front sides of the stick, containing up to 110 characters, 1/2” high, to boldly billboard your imprint.

Heavy Duty Yardsticks Are A Successful Choice

We have found the Heavy Duty Yardstick to be successful promotional choice.   Everyone has a use for them, they fall in a low enough price range to satisfy any restrictive budget, they have a history of long lived survival handling the tougher jobs, they are printed in a significantly large imprint area on both sides of the yardstick and they are easily distributed.  The Heavy Duty models are most  often made of wood.  We also carry plastic or metal sticks in the standard models.  Metal yardsticks often have a bonded friction backing to prevent slippage and are popular for a workshop environment.  The plastic sticks usually have the calibrations molded into the plastic during manufacture and the calibrations are then frequently highlighted in color to be easily seen.  Many of the wooden yardsticks have a metal protective tip installed to avoid damage to the ends which could impair measurement accuracy. Most all the yardsticks have a hang hole drilled at the top end so it can be conveniently stored in a handy spot that makes for easy access and best of all, it is showing of your brand or name to all for the entire life of the product.  A Great Advertising Tool!

Heavy Duty Yardsticks Are Manufactured In The USA

Heavy Duty Yardsticks are manufactured in the USA of various materials, designs, lengths, colors, and they have a long life of service. A yardstick is nothing more than a 36” straightedge with calibrated markings for taking measurements that has been customized.  It actually measures 36 inches in length or 0.09144 meters.  Yardsticks used in the USA and several other countries are calibrated in English inches, however, France, The United Kingdom and several other European nations use the metric system with meter markings and they are often referred to as Meter sticks. Even our close neighbor, Canada, predominantly uses the metro system but in some areas use the English inch system too.  The foreign trade market has made yardsticks printed with both inches and metric calibrations on each side a popular tool  here in the USA and in Canada where it can also double as a convenient conversion table.


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