Imprinted Yardsticks

Imprinted Yardsticks

Recently we had a client come to us looking for that perfect promotional item. Our client wanted something that would showcase a great deal of company information in one place, and something that wouldn’t sit in their customer’s desk drawers never to be used again. Our client explained that their competitors were handing out promotional giveaways with only their company logo, but our client wanted something more. They wanted to make a statement by providing the company name, logo, contact information and business hours all imprinted on an promotional item that was not only practical, but something that that would draw the customers in. That’s why we suggested that they order imprinted yardsticks. Imprinted yardsticks are a great marketing tool. Whether you want a catchy slogan or your company contact information printed for the world to see, the large imprint area can contain just about anything you desire. By keeping a larger amount of information in one place, they become a sort of business card that you can actually use in the home, shop or at school. The places and uses are endless, making it such a great investment for your business, and a promotional item that your customers will be dying to have and use.  Order your imprinted yardsticks today!

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Promote With Imprinted Yardsticks

You know for almost 100 years, companies have been using imprinted yardsticks to promote their services and promotional products. Some people believe that success only comes by thinking outside of the box. But look at it this way: who wouldn’t want to be a part of 100 years of proven success? When something works, it simply works. We take away all of the guesswork by making it easy for you. The beauty of promotional yardsticks is that they will never be dated or go out of style. They are also sturdy enough to last for years to come and will never lose utility. What is greater than knowing that your logo will be around for years?

Imprinted Yardsticks Are Awesome Trade Show Giveaways

Whether at home or the office, each time that someone uses your promotional item your company name and logo will be advertised to everyone around them. Maybe a grandmother is teaching a quilting class to her crafting group, or a painter is measuring the square footage of a room. Whatever the application may be, your clients will be using the  imprinted yardsticks with your logo on it. Some of our clients have picked the Heavy duty yardsticks. That means that their clients and family will also become familiar with your brand. A one-time investment will have greater rewards than you could have imagined!

Imprinted Yardsticks For Your Company Logo

Maybe you are looking for the perfect trade show giveaway, or maybe you are a teacher who wants to reward your math students for a job well done. Whatever the reason, imprinted yardsticks are a timeless and effective way to up your visibility and get people interested in your products. You’ll no longer have to size up the competition since you will be leading the pack. So get your competitors thinking, “Now why didn’t I do that?” and purchase your imprinted yardsticks today.