Personalized Yardsticks

Personalized Yardsticks

Personalized Yardsticks an American Phenomenon!  Personalized Yardsticks are manufactured in the USA in a variety of materials, designs, lengths, colors, and have a extensive longevity. Strictly speaking, these are nothing more than a 36” straightedge with calibrated markings for taking measurements and the personalization.  It actually measures 36 inches in length or 0.09144 meters.  Yardsticks used in the United States and several other countries are calibrated in inches, however, France, The United Kingdom and several other European nations use the metric system  meter markings and they are often referred to as Meter sticks.  The importance of the foreign trade market  has made dual printed yardsticks with both inches and metric calibrations a very popular and valuable tool which also double as a convenient conversion table.

Personalized Yardsticks are an American phenomenon!  Custom Personalized Yardsticks or Meter Sticks are manufactured here in the USA by the millions and given away free as advertising and for name recognition promotions by diverse industries such as lumberyards, home and home development builders, by relators and insurance companies and they are very popular with political candidates.

It is easy to see why. Consider the Personalized Yardsticks or Meter Sticks billboarding your brand or identity in a 35” Long by 1/2” Wide imprint area (almost the complete length of the yardstick) and that huge space is available to be personalized on both sides with the same message. It will accommodate 110 characters, 1/2” high for your logo or message on a Personalized Yardstick used for many years.  Another important and influential fact is that historically Personalized Yardsticks hang around (by the convenience of a hang hole) exposing your identity throughout their many years of service.

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Personalized Yardsticks

At Save On Promotional Products Personalized Yardsticks come in a significantly desirable price range which makes investing in a larger quantity a positive promotional decision.  The more Personalized Yardsticks you distribute the bigger influence it will have on your name recognition and your return on investment.  Another creative distribution technique is the seek out local community affairs or local charities and gift them with a quantity of your boldly imprinted Personalized Yardsticks to be used at the benefits for gifts or handouts and you will be seeing them popping up all around the area displaying your identity and promoting community goodwill.

Thru The Test Of Times It’s Personalized Yardsticks

Measuring tools are for everyone and used often.  They have survived the test of time which probably dates back to Anglo Saxon times.  During the mid twentieth century personalized yardsticks emerged as HOT promotional items.  Often made of wood, plastic or metal (metal yardsticks often have a friction enhancer bonded to the back such as cork for better adherence). Metal sticks are the most popular choice for the tougher workshop requirements. Many have a hang hole drilled in one end to make storage easy and convenient.  To avoid wear and tear damage to the wooden yardstick tips that could interfere with their accuracy, many yardsticks are constructed with metal tips to prolong accuracy and prevent damage.

A Great Measuring Tool Personalized Yardsticks

Yardstick owners not only use their measuring tool to measure first to ensure a move will fit rather than using the laborious trial and error method to see if that piano will fit hrough the door or will a refrigerator fit in its designated space.  Personalized yardsticks are used for jobs unrelated to measuring such as a blackboard or whiteboard pointer, a straightedge for drawing a straight line, or for laying it down on a sheet of paper to make a clean tear.  Whatever they are used for, Personalized Yardsticks continue to do their job well and that is advertising your brand.

Call Save On Promotional Products and we will get your promotional Personalized Yardstick order started today at our amazing prices and for a surprising return on your investment.