Printed Yardsticks

Printed Yardsticks

The popular and practical Printed Yardsticks are used commercially and is also consumer friendly being used in one way or another in the home, office, or work station.  It physically measures up to 36 inches or 0.9144 meters, calibrated in inches for the United States and many other countries and in France, Great Britain and several other European countries it is calibrated in meters.  To satisfy the foreign trade market many of the yardsticks are printed with both the inch and metric calibrations.  The dual marked printed yardsticks are also great conversion tools.

Let Save On Promotional Products be your one stop shopping center for quality products that will not only appeal to most clients and potential clients and also your employees but will interact with them every time they are used as well.  We carry a full line of useful, creative and unique outstanding promotional products.  We have found the Printed Yardsticks to be a best seller.  It is 36”L x 1-1/8”W x 5/32” thick with a spacious imprint area that is 35”L x 1/2”W on both the front and the back.

Each side will accommodate 110 characters that are 1/2” high to boldly billboard your brand or identity, your slogan or your message. Constructed with a hang hole in one end, it can be hang where its easily accessible and always visible to all passers by continuously keeping your identity imprinted in their memory.  Those “passers by” are your potential clients or customers.  Subtle promotional advertising at its best and cheapest. order your printed yardsticks today!

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Printed Yardsticks

Printed Yardsticks are usually made of wood, plastic or metal.  A frictional surface such as cork is often bonded to the back side of metal yardsticks to keep it from slipping and sliding around during the act of taking a vital measurements.  Metal is usually the material chosen for the more rugged workshop applications. Many of the plastic yardsticks have the calibrations molded into the plastic during the manufacturing procedure, often those calibration markings are then highlighted with a color for easy visibility.

Printed Yardsticks For Schools

Everyone measures something sometime.  Whether its primary school or college, a commercial endeavor or home or household projects.  The yardstick is a frequently used measuring tool that has withstood the test of time, and that time dates back to the Anglo Saxon days.  Printed Yardsticks have grown in popularity as promotional products since the early twentieth century when brands, logos, slogans and messages started being displayed in the spacious imprint area on one or both sides.

Some Collect Printed Yardsticks

When we’re talking printed yardsticks to brings a story to mind.  I heard about a life-long craftsman who had no intentions of ever becoming a yardstick collector though he had always had an interest and appreciation in beautifully or uniquely constructed tools. During a trip to France he happened upon a tool museum and the rest is history.  The museum had rooms filled with interesting unique and antique tools from the rustic hand made versions to the luxury items including a huge collection of printed yardsticks.  Who would anticipate the impact but his interest just took off.  During his extensive travels he visited antique malls and picked up uniquely imprinted and constructed yardsticks from here and there.  That collection now numbers over 2,000 and that’s not a record.  In his travels he ran into a collector who actually has over 5,000 printed yardsticks all categorized describing the imprint and where it was located.  That’s someone with too much time on his hands.

American Made Printed Yardsticks

Save On Promotional Products has a yardstick for every genre.  We have heavy duty Printed Yardsticks which are 1/8” thicker than the standard stick, we have 3/4” square Walking sticks, Metersticks and even Mule Clubbers up to 4’ long.  Our printed yardsticks are proudly Made In The USA and come in natural wood or a lacquered or colored finish.    The price is right to order quantities for the larger trade show and convention giveaways.  Let’s get your order started today and order plenty to handle the large crowds and a few extra to donate to a local community benefits to get your name spread thickly throughout the community. Place your order of printed yardsticks now!