Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999

Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999
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Materials: Wood
Size: 36 inches
Manufacturer: Aakron
Imprint Method: Screen printed
Imprint Size: Maximum logo and text height is 1/2 inch the imprint length is 34 inches and may include logos as well as custom text the first 110 characters of straight line text being typeset is free Over 110 characters and spaces
E-Proof Fee: $24.00
Setup Fee: $36.00

Product Description

Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999

Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999 constructed of durable quality lumber is 3/4″ square and 36″ long and has clear lacquer finish for added protection, a convenient wrist strap, and a hang hole is drilled in one end for easy storage.

An inch scale will be imprinted in 1/8″ graduations on the two opposite sides of this yardstick leaving the opposing two sides to billboard your logo or contact message in straight line copy. The space for your logo or ad copy is 32 inches long, it is a maximum of 1/2″ high and will accommodate up to 80 characters and spaces. A multi color imprint is optional (no close registration) on the Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999.

Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999. The larger customization can’t help but be noticed when the promotional yardsticks you hand out as a welcoming gift at your next trade show or convention are being carried through the show. It’s also a great gift for crafters, home decorators (either the professionals or domestic redecorators), and all those others who have to measure up now and then.

Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer 92999

Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999, your message will be imprinted below the scale in one color ink on both sides, however, multiple ink color choices are available. No close registration. Your message can be up to 120 characters and spaces (consider font choice and size) and an impressive 7/8″ high. This natural finished wooden stick is 1/4″ x 1-3/4″ x 36″ in overall size. Construction can include optional hang holes and metal ends. We have other options like the Extra Strength Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92110 or the great choice of the Clear Lacquer Finish Mule Clubber Four Foot Sticks 92111.

We appreciate your visit to our web site. We have an experienced team of marketing people to work with you until you find the right yardsticks or product to billboard your logo and message. Be sure to take a look at these promotional products like best selling yardsticks clear lacquer finish 92999. Our many years of experience in the promotional yardsticks and the promotional products industry qualify us to offer quality assistance and recommendations.

Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer 92999

Nowadays your customers are looking for quality, durability and practicality. If you provide them with a functional promotional item that is made of quality materials that will stand the test of time, then they will begin to associate your products and services with those same characteristics. What promotional item fits that mold: Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999  or the Custom promotional folding yardsticks!

We’ve all be in a situation where you are at a company presentation, trade show, or corporate picnic and you are given low quality promotional items that didn’t make sense or weren’t useful at all. You are left wondering what to do with the gift and how to throw it away without anyone seeing it. Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but clients want to know that they matter to you, and providing quality items that people actually want is one of the easiest ways to do that. See our main site at Save on Promotional

Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer 92999

The most successful marketing professionals know that purchasing quality items doesn’t mean that you must fork over thousands of dollars. One of the biggest worries of most people in the advertising world is how to connect with the consumer without breaking the bank. Why not do what has been done for almost a 100 years and order Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999 ?

With nearly a century of trustworthy success, yardsticks have proven to be one of the most useful marketing tools around. If you are searching for an item that your clients will be able to use for years to come, then custom yardsticks are what you need. Made of long-lasting materials that work break, bend or split, your clients will always have a straight line that leads right back to your business.

Our folding yardsticks have a very large area for your custom logo or company slogan, giving the space that you desire to really speak to your customers and connect with them in the way that you haven’t been able to before. No more worrying about printing your company email address in tiny font that can’t be seen by a person sitting a foot away from you. And no more worrying about printing the business’ logo but not having enough room for the phone number and fax. The space that you are afforded with these folding promotional yardsticks lets you get as creative as you would like. Other categories to look at is the promotional yardsticks or the item Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999 or the Heavy Duty Yardsticks Natural Finish 90777.

Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer 92999

What’s even better is that each time someone uses a Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999 with your logo emblazoned on it they are telling the people around them about your company without saying a word. Use after use you are ensuring greater exposure of your brand. From helping a child with his math homework to properly spacing out cabinets in your shop, the everyday uses of these yardsticks or the are never ending.

So whether you are a construction company or a craft store, promotional folding yardsticks or the Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999 or the Heavy Duty Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92777 one of the most useful ways to show your clients that you care about them. Take your business to greater heights and order yours today.

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  • Manufactured by: Aakron

Product Details


Available Colors: Clear Lacquer Finish

Size: 5/32″ x 1-1/8″ x 36″ Maximum Logo Height: 1/2″

Imprint Method: Screen printed, Same Straight Line Ad Copy And Scale Printed On Both Sides Of The Stick In One Color

Imprint Size: Maximum logo & text height is 1/2″. The imprint length is 35″ & may include logos as well as your web site or address and phone number.

E-Proof Fee: $30.00

Setup Fee: $30.00