Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933

Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933
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Materials: Wood
Size: 36 inches
Manufacturer: Aakron
Imprint Method: Screen printed
Imprint Size: Maximum logo and text height is 1/2 inch the imprint length is 10inches per section and may include logos as well as custom text Approximately 35 characters per section Font choices and sizes vary some fonts consume more of the imprint area than others Logos artworkand special fonts require a die cut logo charge add $40for every 3 inches in length
E-Proof Fee: $24.00
Setup Fee:

Product Description

Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933

Company name emphasizes our outstandingly pricing on all inquiries. We take every opportunity to be sure the price we quote has taken into consideration every detail to make it the best without in anyway interfering with the quality of the delivered product. Considering the Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933 as your Promotional Product of choice is a good one. The tip on a recoiling measuring instrument can slip off location so is not as accurate as the folding wooden version and it is far less cumbersome to keep handy than the 36″ long stick, when folded it can just slip into a pant loop or pocket for easy access. It’s handy 12″ folded length will easily fit in a tool box where it can live for years with your identification readily visible. A great promotional trade show gift for any building conference or convention.

Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933

This natural finished Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933 is a full 36 inches long. It folds into three equal 12 inch sections each of which have a large 10 inch imprint area for your logo and message. Text can be up to 35 characters and spaces and 1/2″ high on each individual section (depending on font and size variations and with no close registration). Straight line ad copy will appear on one side in the same color ink choice but may be different on each section. Imprinting is done in the English scale in 1/8 inch graduations. Multiple colors are available and you can make a different color choice for each section. Take a look at what some of our customers have chosen Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933 or the promotional yardsticks.

If you have any special inquiries, please call. We consider all inquiries to be special. Our staff is qualified to offer their professional advice and assistance to locate the Promotional Product just right for you. Do check out these Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933.

Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933

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The most popular wooden Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933 in our complete line of measuring sticks and remains our top choice due to its useful and functional attributes and our unique pricing formulation which you can depend on being the best in the industry. The stick is constructed from quality lumber measuring 5/32 x 1-1/8 x 36 with a natural wood finish. Construction options include metal end tips for lasting protection and a hang hole to slip over a nail for handy storage both to help ensure its long life while keeping your name and contact information clearly visible for years.

Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933

Imprinting in standard English 1/8″ increments on both sides of the Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933, is usually done in black ink but a variety of colors are an available option. Your logo or message is limited to 110 characters and spaces, up to 1/2 inch high (additional characters or height adjustment are at an additional charge). Both the imprinted standard increments and your logo or message will be the same on each side of the stick and in one color.

Realtors love these for interested buyers at an open house where their contact information is clearly visible. Another desirable feature, it is a Made in the USA product making a great addition to your Promotional Products inventory. It is also California Proposition 65 approved. Some of our clients have picked the Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933 or the Custom promotional yardsticks from our yardsticks category.

Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933

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Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933

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  • Manufactured by: Aakron

Product Details


Available Colors: Natural Finish

Size:  36″ long

Imprint Method: Screen printed, Straight-Line Ad Copy And Scale Printed On One Side, In One Color Ink. Be Sure To Sp

Imprint Size: Maximum logo & text height is 1/2″. The imprint length is 10″ per section & may include logos as

E-Proof Fee: $30.00

Setup Fee: $30.00

Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933

Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933 with vibrant neon colors. English scale promotional yardsticks. Imprint on 2 sides. It’s a perfect handout for a builders trade show or convention or a home show where clients and prospective clients will welcome a stick they can fit in their tool box or even in their brief case.

Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933 have proven their worth having been found in a tool boxes and craft rooms for many years and they continue to impact the Promotional Products market with their longevity and their useful and functional attributes.

Folding Yardsticks Natural Finish 90933 folds into three equal sections making it easier to transport and keep handy as compared to the standard 36″ version. The sections are all 12 inches long and have a 10 inch display area which may include a logo or your custom message. The text may contain up to 35 characters and spaces (which is influenced by various larger font choices) and the text can be up to 1/2 inch high It folds up for easy storage.

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