Metersticks Lacquer Finish 92885

Meterstick Lacquer Finish 92885

Meterstick Lacquer Finish 92885

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Manufacturer: Aakron
Imprint Method:
Imprint Size: Maximum logo and text height is 1/2 inch the imprint length is 34 inches and may include logos as well as custom text the first 110 characters of straight line text being typeset is free Over 110 characters and spaces
E-Proof Fee: $24.00
Setup Fee: $36.00

Product Description

Metersticks Lacquer Finish 92885

We know that people like being given odd and clever gifts as freebies when they visit trade fairs, businesses and exhibitions. We also know that the more clever the idea the more they tend to be remembered and those who come up with clever ideas also stick in people’s minds. Speaking of sticking in people’s minds, one great idea that would definitely stick is a promotional Metersticks Lacquer Finish 92885. Actually, a meter stick, to be precise. A Metersticks Lacquer Finish 92885 is essentially a straight edged appliance that measures exactly one full meter in length and can be used as a ruler. It’s usually too large to fit on a desktop or school desk, but it can certainly be used in the building, decorating or painting trade. We have over one million custom promotional products to choose from including imprinted promotional yardsticks .

Metersticks Lacquer Finish 92885 Oh Yeah Baby

Metersticks Lacquer Finish 92885 can also be collapsible with rivets and folds to make them smaller. This means your customers can carry them pretty much anywhere and if they do use them in their trade they will fit easily into a tool or kit bag. If you think outside the box a little you could also take the basic design idea of a meter sticks Lacquer Finish 92885 and turn into a walking stick or yard stick, complete with measurement markings. Instead of the regular flat shape you could design it as a triangle shaped stick with three sides and two sets of markings and your logo and company name on the third side. You can also put a handle on it and a metal tip and design it to look like old wood, antique, modern and trendy, high-visual, or any design you prefer that represents what your company does. Another option is the heavy duty natural finish yardsticks or the best selling lacquer finish yardsticks.

Metersticks Lacquer Finish 92885 Fit The Bill

You can give your promotional Metersticks Lacquer Finish 92885 or yard stick away to anyone who visits your business, anyone who opens a trade account with you, anyone who buys an item from you or anyone who comes to see you at a trade show or exhibition. You can even hand them out on the streets just to make that extra impression. Teachers would benefit from the use of a Metersticks Lacquer Finish 92885 and they can use them as pointing devices when speaking in class. Take a look at what some of our customers have chosen promotional heavy duty yardsticks natural finish or the yardstick. This also opens the doors to lecturers, business speakers and public speakers.

Metersticks Lacquer Finish 92885 Are Great

Your customized Meter sticks Lacquer Finish 92885 can be made from a variety of products, depending on how you would prefer them to be used or carried. If you want people to use them primarily as a walking stick, then something sturdy and strong would be best, such as wood or light metal. If you prefer the Meter sticks Lacquer Finish 92885 to fold so they can be stored easily, then a light metal, wood or even a heavy plastic would work. Your company logo and colors could adorn the whole stick, just the handle, or be placed as text along the edge of the meter stick. Talking to a designer would be a good idea and they will suggest options to you. Then you can speak to us and we will offer you the lowest market price from your promotional yardsticks. Be sure to browse our athletic bags and Metersticks Lacquer Finish 92885.