Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights

Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights

Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights

Quantity: 24 48 144 25,000
Price: 21.99 21.36 20.77 16.62
SKU: Maglite-M3ALED

Color(s): Black, Blue, Grey, Rose Gold
Materials: Aluminum
Manufacturer: Maglite
Imprint Method: Laser Engraved
Imprint Size: Call for Imprinting Options
E-Proof Fee: Free
Setup Fee: $62.50

Product Description

Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights

Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights Introducing the all-new MINI Mag-LiteÆ AAA LED Flashlight. The heir to the original Mini Mag-LiteÆ AAA Flashlight launched 25 years ago, this newest member of the family features the same classic look and size and the same simple operation – just twist the head to turn it on, turn if off and focus the beam. But thanks to a latest generation LED light engine, it produces a beam whose intensity is nothing short of amazing – from a pocket-clippable flashlight that’s not much bigger than a penlight. 5″ long, comes with pocket clip, 2 “AAA” batteries and packaged in a sleek presentation box. MADE IN USA. For the Rose Gold add $.65 each

A Keychain size Flashlight with Big Light Power, That describes our all new Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights. It features the classic look of our original Solitaire flashlight introduced in 1988. And it works in the same simple way just twist the head to turn on, turn off and focus  to flood. But thanks to a new, state of the art LED light engine, you get something you just would not expect to see coming out of a flashlight so small A blast of power that can light up an object at the far end of the parking lot. Prepackaged with batteries included.

Laser Engraved Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights

Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights A Dynamic Promotional Breakthrough a promotional product like no other.  It has all the earmarks of the perfect customized handout.  It is a high quality Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights manufactured by the renowned Maglite whose reputation is well established, its dependable, with the highly desirable LED technology which provides a brighter and whiter lite, it’s  used frequently and forever, and it’s price friendly for large promotional events.   Prepackaged for easy gift giving and distribution and loved by all ages, guys and gals alike and a product that will draw crowds to your big event booth.

Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights An All time Hit Success Stories, Durable and Dependable

Today, while driving eastbound on I-78 in Bethel, PA, I briefly saw out  the corner of my eye, what looked like a large Maglite on the side of the interstate. I was reminded of some of the stories I’d heard and got curious, so I turned around. I pulled over and checked it out, sure enough, there on the side of the highway, heavily traveled by trucks, was a Maglite. Its all beat up around the head and base like it took a bad fall from a fast moving vehicle and has been rolling around ever since. I hit the power button and sure enough, there’s the extremely bright incandescent beam.

Still works, after laying on the side of interstate 78 for who knows how long. Its actually a rechargeable non LED model with a 6-volt battery pack, so Ill have to see where I can get a charger! I am also the owner of two red AA incandescent mini-Mags, one has always been in my tool bag, the other is usually by my side. At one point, one of the two fell out of a pocket into my friends dirt driveway. It was months later until I realized where it was, and at that point, an entire Pennsylvania winter had passed, and the driveway was mostly mud, but we found it, and it still worked.

Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights For Your Brand

At a last job, I found a pile of tools scattered on a workbench from someone who quit, in there was a beat up blue AA mini-Mag. It was robbed of its batteries and bulbs, so I got a new pack of bulbs and a new set of batteries, and sure enough, it too just works. To test its endurance, I have taken that blue one into a lake while swimming (my 8-year old niece LOVES flashlights) and it didn’t get a drop of water inside. Its not too often that you find products that are good, reliable standbys, and manufacturers that stand by their products. Maglite’s reputation speaks for itself. You just cant go wrong with a Maglite.

Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights Lives A Lifetime, Guaranteed / Success Story

This Maglite 5D has been in service since 1979, yes since 1979, #50001226. My uncle aquired this flashlight when he was with the Wyoming highway patrol in 1979 when the flashlight (kel-lite) they were using before had stopped being made. This mag was used for 34 years by my uncle so it has  scratches, scrapes and dings from years of use and  abuse on the highway patrol. My uncle sent this light to me recently as it was forgotten about for several years. I thru batteries in it and it fired right up. I still have in service Maglites I have had since I started in 1989 but they have no where near the abuse this one has lived thru. This flashlight will be displayed as this is a testament as to what a Maglite can withstand. Thanks for producing such a durable flashlight

Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights Small and Mighty Flashlight Makes A Huge Statement

Give us a call.  We can get your Mini Maglite AAA LED Promotional Flashlights order rolling.  The sooner we get started the sooner your will be reaping the promotional benefits resulting from gifting such an impressive, useful and long lasting flashlight package.

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