Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785

Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785

Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785

Price includes imprinting

Quantity: 125 250 500 1000
Price: 3.02 2.93 2.85 2.28
SKU: 785

Color(s): Clear
Manufacturer: Illini
Imprint Method: Screen Printed
Imprint Size: Specify on Order Vertical: 3î x 1î Horizontal: 4 1/2î x 1î
E-Proof Fee: $15
Setup Fee: $31.25

Product Description


Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785

Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785.   When you think of promotional products that help portray to your clients that your main interest is saving them money,  think of promotional piggy banks? They are adorable little banks that incite positive feelings in your clients and vendors because they literally save money with each use. If you are searching for an item that is fun and will make a big impact at your next company event or tradeshow, why not order customized Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785?

Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785  Make A Big Statement Inexpensively

Promotional piggy banks are an affordable way to make a very big statement. Your goal is to save money while also saving your client money, right? That’s our goal as well and that’s why we have only selected the finest banks that are also incredibly affordable. Promotional products work wonders, but you don’t want to add unnecessary worry or stress when thinking about your bank account. Browse our selection of piggy banks and you’ll see for yourself that our prices really will save you money.  The Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785 is a unique sampling of a quality bank exposing your logo priced for a large crowd giveaway.

Imprinted banks are the perfect Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785 to send to your vendors to thank them for their continued efforts. They are also great items to mail off to your clients oversees. Your customers will keep them on their desk or take them home and with each coin saved they will remember your goodwill. Plus, as long as the little pig (or Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785) is on display, your company logo or business name will be seen by everyone who walks into the room.  On going logo exposure to be thankful for.

Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785 Promotionally Opens New Doors

Promotional products like a Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785 is a sure way to reach out to a client base that you maybe didn’t consider before. They touch the hearts of some many people in different ways. Perhaps someone will see your customized piggy banks  that sheds a positive light on your company and lets the viewer know that your company only deals in the finest products. Or perhaps someone will see a little bank shaped like a house and laugh at the imaginative nature of your business. Whatever feelings come up in response to viewing your promotional piggy banks, you can rest assured that they will be positive and therefore positively impact your business.

Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785 Keeps Your Family Pictures and Your Savings Visible

Customized Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785 are great for financial institutions and any other business in the industry of working with your money. If you are a new bank that has opened up in the neighborhood, send out a representative with a dozen of your imprinted banks to alert businesses that you are new to the area.

Of course Rectangular Photo Insert Bank 785 are not only for businesses working in the financial industry. They are designed to be used by any and every type of business that wants to show their clients that saving them money is a top priority. Help keep your business and company logo relevant to your clients and give them one of your clever little promotional piggy banks today.